Don’t upset the Apple Cart

Re: Vince Vanni-Local Talent will Stay for the Long Haul


Mr. Vanni’s Two Realities are true, “We cannot change the atmosphere in our community. It is what it is.”  “People who come to Hernando County for personal gain and an upgrade in their careers will leave Hernando County for the same reason.”


Hogwash. The problem with Hernando County and its leadership is change. The selection process works fine. It’s the “in” word that destroys an individual’s ability to create change for the good of the people of Hernando County.


Conformity to the status quo relinquishing creativity and abandonment of your independent thought process are the new requirements for the next County Administrator according to Mr.Vanni. Why don’t we hire a robot and program it according to the atmosphere Mr. Vanni speaks of. This is a necessary requirement for long term success in Hernando County Employment. If you conform, to the power brokers who control Hernando County Government than you will have a long term future in Hernando County? If you don’t than you are out not in.


Each past county administrator truly believed during the selection process that he or she would be able to make a difference, until; they began working with the real controller’s in government The Department Heads. These are the people who run our government. These are the people who the power brokers control. Once the heat is turned up and the County Administrator attempts to upset the apple cart the Department Heads say no and so the Administrator says goodbye.


Finally, how could anyone upgrade their careers in Hernando County? Hernando County offers nothing except three employment opportunities, Government and we know how closed that is to new comers, Health Care which is very specialized and Education.  The rest are minimum wage Jobs. It sounds like Mr.Vanni survived in Hernando because of his conformity and his marketing and sales ability. I congratulate you.



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