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January 7, 2008


I have very strong feelings about this conflict. There have been three conflicts the United States has been in since Korea. Although I served during Vietnam I did not agree with the War because I began to understand the influence of the Military Industrial Complex. To loose lives, American or any nationality under the pretext of National Security or National Interests is complete misinformation on the part of our leadership. Vietnam proved that. I should be more specific. According to my understanding in the 60’s we entered Vietnam because of communism. Our government and our corporations learned that the Vietnam conflict was stimulating our economy Lyndon Johnson continued the war because it was profitable for the US. No one in politics will ever admit to this. How dare anyone suggest that our government would sacrifice the lives of Americans for profits? In 1988 the United States entered a recession, I was a casualty of this recession. The recession ran from 1988 to 1992. We got out of the recession partly because of the first Iraq conflict 1991. Saddem gave us a reason to crank up our economy; he invaded Kuwait. Then 911 happened. The economic foundation of this country was breached. The recession started in 2000 with the Dot Com problems and than 911 and on top of that the corporate scandals. A triple whammy. How else would we get out from under this recession and possibly depression? Lets go to war. I know I sound very cynical about our leaders, but I can’t stop thinking about the lives being lost. It is so ironic that the people we were fighting in the cold war are now our trading partners. The realization I believe we must all face is that our world economy will dictate the future of mankind. Wars, social unrest, famines, sickness will be a bi-product of the quest for money and natural resources as they become less abundant. 

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