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April 15, 2008

Opposites Attract

Re: Dumb Americans, Obama is here to help,

St. Petersburg Times, George Will column 4/15/08


George Will has often been describe as a person who has been know to often combine factual reporting with conservative commentary, and who’s columns are known for their erudite vocabulary, and allusions to political philosophers.


No one really expects him to support or praise Barack Obama, but to criticize his comments concerning hard working Americans and their preoccupations to escape from the frustrations of the conservative control and victimizing of the American working class over the last seven years is a fact that Will has chosen to ignore in his conservative philosophy.


He himself has enjoyed the fruits of a background far from the typical American path to success, coming from a well educated family and afforded the opportunity to attend the best schools in the world. I just question how he can criticize when he never himself ever experienced the down and out that most Americans experience once in their lives.

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