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June 22, 2008

Commissioner Russell on Sprawl

Re: Leader must live up to title on sprawl, Dan Dewitt


That’s the problem with David Russell; he is focused on one objective. He can’t possibly think outside the box.


What motivates leaders to make decisions that are unpopular? It certainly does not represent a majority of Hernando County residents. But, it does represent builders and developers alike. I think we know where David Russell stands on his choice. Yet, he is not alone. It just proves that the super majority still does not represent a majority of the county. The only Commissioner who was strong enough to take a stand on sprawl is Diane Rowden.


Mr. Dewitt points out that Mr. Russell Chaired the State Transportation Committee when he was our State Representative. He certainly understands the consequences and cost for infrastructure for such developments. Does he not represent his constituency in the county he was elected to serve? Why did he vote for Lake Hideaway? His decision certainly did not consider Transportation as Mr. Dewitt points out.


If The Bus costs $600,000 a year to the county in a Budget of over 121 Million that represents less than 1/2 of 1% of the entire Budget. That is a little short sighted when you are cutting $2,000,000 from pavement management which could have been paid for from a 1 cent per gallon increase in sales tax. All of us who are now paying over $1.00 per gallon more would have gladly sacrificed 1 penny out of a dollar to keep our roads safe. But, again we aren’t running for re-election.


True leadership thinks outside the box with no outside influences. If our commissioners would consider every consequence of their decisions and evaluate them before they make their decisions than maybe Hernando County wouldn’t struggling to balance their budget.


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