A Dismal View of American Politics


Do you ever wonder whether the politicians who were speaking to us 40 years ago are speaking to us in 2008.  It seems that the rhetoric never changes. Except, this year, there is a candidate who is attempting to follow a different path to the presidency, unfortunately the costs will be very high if he doesn’t conform to the antics and techniques of the opposing candidates. It seems when someone tries to take the high road there is always some one or some group mysteriously coming out of the woodwork attempting to discredit the character of the high road candidate.  Whether this is by design or miracle it just seems unusual that all of this comes out on a timely basis especially during a campaign.  Some of these candidates are willing to sell their souls just to get elected.  Nothing will stand in their way to attain that position of authority with no consideration for the true meaning and purpose for obtaining that office.  I personally am fed up with it all.  On a national level the two party system in the United States of America has degenerated to nothing more than two gangs protecting their turf.  What is their turf?  Their turf represents the number of the influential seats in Congress and the Senate in order to satisfy their special interests.  At the local level political candidates shuffle between parties depending on which national party will win the general election.  It’s like musical chairs especially in the county where I come from.  They too represent special interests at the local level.


What should be bothering all of us is that over the last 40 years we have lost our voice in determining our future in the United States. Yes, we have elected politicians to office, yet did we really choose these people. Or, were they placed in front of us and we were spoon fed like little children. Did we really know these representatives of ours? Did they represent us or other people? The answers to these questions are obvious based on the progress of the general public, the common man, which makes up a majority of the populace. The answer is No, expendable income has declined. The quality of life for the less fortunate has gotten worst. Our younger generations have less of an opportunity then we had to succeed. Education costs are being put out of the reach of a majority of our children and grand children. Those who have completed their education are strapped with high interest loans with no opportunity to refinance at lower interest rates because of our representatives who support the banking industry. The truth about employment is that at least 20% of those unemployed are not being counted.


The last half of 20th century, is the period where the basic morals of our constitution were abandoned. The accumulation of wealth became the major objective in the national psyche of our country. We learned that WAR can stimulate our economy therefore create wealth for those who were willing to obtain wealth through any means possible. Corporations and the leaders of these companies knew that they would need to infiltrate Government to maintain control over policies that would be in the best interest of the corporations. Lobbyists were developed to be the middle man negotiating for favorable policies. It was at this point that Government (Politicians) were the pawns of special interests. They were bought and sold like shoes. Once they were worn down or if public sentiment went the other way for the pawns they would replace them with new ones. The new world order has become very difficult to control. Nations we once controlled are now in the drivers’ seat. We are not the leader in economics as many want the public to believe. The only reason markets react to our markets is because we are such a debtor nation. If China decided to cash in all the government securities they own of ours, interest rates would skyrocket to 30%. If Saudi Arabia and other oil producing nations decided not to accept dollars for the oil we buy the dollar would crumble. The trend that started in the mid 70’s has brought us to this point. Both Democrats and Republicans are at fault. In the 50’s Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex. Today our major export is War and its related products. Domestic Production and related products are being shipped over seas, all in the name of Globalization.


The two political parties at the national level in these United States are working for the same people, Domestic and Multi-National Corporations’ (DMNC’s). The process is simple. Each two, four and six year’s candidates are chosen by these DMNC’s to run for office. The major media who is owned by these DMNC’s begin to feed us with positive and negative information on the chosen ones. Statisticians go to work making predictions on the variables for each candidates potential to get elected. When the chosen one in either party begins to waiver more money is pumped into the system and two possible actions are taken, outright character assassination of the opponent or a media blitz on why he or she is the best choice. There needs to be a change in how we elect our representatives and change in how they make their decisions which affect all of us. The suggestions are out there. Prohibit lobbyists from Washington. Candidates cannot accept campaign contributions from Corporations including Small Businesses on a local level. Limitations must be set on amounts of contributions and totals from one source. Soft dollar contributions are not acceptable. Maybe than we will have candidates who won’t be in it for the money and personal gains, rather for the desire to do good for the people they represent. I am an idealist, just like the people who wrote the Constitution for We the People. 



Vito J. Delgorio Sr.

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