Election Results

I haven’t written any opinions lately, and it’s not that I have lost my ambition or interest in the many issues which affect all of us. I have been soaking up all the responses and reactions to a historic event. The presidential campaign included one of the worst personal attacks I have ever witnessed on a candidate in my 60 years. Locally these tactics unseated a county commissioner by the same political opponents whose financial resources were the only reason for her loss. One candidate’s win was justified the other’s loss was not.


We now have a president elect, who has begun his masterful approach to management and delegation of responsibility. He has already displayed his ability to make decisions based on his campaign promises, a diversified administration to begin a new path for America. 


Unlike our sitting and new commissioner’s who after installation have displayed their inability to change or set Hernando on the right course for planned development and responsible growth. Immediately they approved a new Walmart Superstore on County Line Road just east of the Suncoast Parkway not to mention the massive planned development at I75 and State Road 50 for residential, and retail.  It seems that the damage these five commissioners will do in the next two years will affect Hernando County for generations to come if not stopped. The sad part about all of this is that those of us who continue to live in Hernando will be abandoned by those who make these decisions and those who profit from their decisions.    

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