Naiveté, a Republican dilemma

Re: Putting Dracula In Charge Of Blood Bank

By Allan Walker Brooksville

 What planet does Alan live on, after reading his right wing republican rhetoric the only crude thing that I may agree with is right to life issue? Let’s take your comments one by one, the Capitalist Republic, if you haven’t noticed we are already in the trash can compliments of a Republican Administration. Socialism, what do you call the ownership of AIG, and Investment Ownership of the Banking Industry by our Government. As far as Democratic control of the congress, here’s some history, Republicans have controlled the House from 1995 to 2006 look what it has provided us, and in 1999 Phil Grahm (R) Leach ® Bliley (R) deregulated Financial Services which was a major contributor to this trash can we are in. By the way Clinton couldn’t veto the bill because it had a 2/3 majority vote. You talk about taxes, are you aware we have a progressive tax system, meaning that the more you make the more you pay. Secondly, what makes you think that income taxes are the only taxes you pay? Every time you purchase a product or service you pay corporate income taxes, import, export tariffs, and shipping and handling all built in to the price of the product or service. Michael Moore is a well informed person who does his research more than I can say about you. The Wall Street meltdown and mortgage crisis was the fault of non-existent oversight and GREED, the greed mentality of those in the position who took advantage of the uninformed. Finally, a majority of Americans no longer believe that they are represented in Washington D.C. Real Change requires a new approach to how we address issues that concern all Americans and not just the ideologies of a Republican Party who has failed not only its party members but all of America. Leadership is the key to success in this country. Barack Obama is the leader we have been looking for over the last 48 years.

God will Bless America once again.


Vito J. Delgorio Sr.

Spring Hill



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