The Importance of the Presidency

What is the meaning of the word Presidential? We must first look back to the 18th century when our first president George Washington was elected. He was referred to as a forefather, the father of our nation. Thus we must consider the definition of the word presidential and conclude that it is a synonym for the word father. Yet, today it is not correct to exclude the female synonym as well. Today we must consider the mother as well as the father, which brings me to the purpose of this discussion. What should be the characteristics and qualifications for an individual to become the president of our nation?


Putting aside gender and focusing on traits it is important to prioritize leadership qualities in order of their importance. The individual must be a leader, a person of integrity, a person who understands his role and has the knowledge to execute, a person of vision, a person of faith, a person of uncommon commitment, a person who requires positive results, a person who embraces others, a person who’s commitment is to serve the common man as a nation of people before self and special interests.


All of these qualities fall in the role of a parent whether it is a mother or father. There should be no doubt in the mind of the leader of the free world as to what their priorities must be. The family of these United States must be utmost in the decision making process by our president. As a parent the security and safety of our children come first. We provide a home environment where they go to sleep at night knowing that when they wake in the morning a new and bright day affords them the opportunity to live in a free society where they have objectives and goals to be obtained. Our children deserve a future free from fear of harm, a future free of hunger and sickness, a future where the pursuit of higher education doesn’t become an economic burden in their lives.


In our shrinking world today our President must be ever so cognizant of the objectives of our enemies and the tools they use to influence our decisions. It is unfortunate that commodities and international trade have become the weapons of choice. Armed conflicts are used to correct trade and commodity imbalances or economic downturns internationally. Over the last 50 years no armed conflict has resolved the original issues which started the conflict.  Terrorism has become a new tool for imbalances. The 9/11 disasters was a message that some have clearly understood. The United States Economy, Military, and its Democracy were attacked by extremists supported by many other governments. We are being told that our meddling in the world is not acceptable. The chilling fact is that as other nations have become wealthier our influence becomes less. Rogue nations are becoming a cancer in a world society where a majority of nations seek a peaceful co-existence. The transfer of wealth in the world began in the 80’s. Yet the groundwork for international control of world economics began in the 70’s.        

The formation of the G5 then, currently the G7 is looked upon unfavorably by emerging nations. These nations have supplied the G7 with the natural resources for many years to expand G7 economies. These nations are now looking for an independence from the G7 stranglehold. They want to control their own resources and they want us to pay up. Some G7 nations have provided that independence through diplomatic resolution with third world nations who are less extreme. Those third world nation extremists who are less willing to negotiate are being boycotted into submission by the United States a lead figure chosen by the G7 because of its military strength. Now we are paying dearly for these same resources in national wealth and lives.  


The past fifteen years under the Clinton and Bush administrations has placed the United States in a position of economic and military weakness. The scales have been tilted in favor of our enemies who can at any given moment wage a war of economics by simply cashing in our US Government securities sold to those nations because of our balance of payments. Because of our Foreign Trade Policies which favor manufacturing overseas, Americans unknown to them are contributing to this problem by purchasing products manufactured in foreign nations by international corporations whether they are U.S. or Foreign and voting for candidates who favor these policies.


You may ask how we are contributing to this situation. The follow is an example of our involvement. The problem is when the President negotiates a trade agreement with Mexico allowing Motorola to open a manufacturing plant in Tijuana to produce cell phones; we are simply exporting manufacturing and service jobs to foreign nations as a result of bad trade agreements. The plant will employ 1000 workers providing an income equivalent to $20.00 a week to each worker. In the U.S. those same 1000 workers would earn $262.00 a week under minimum wage in 2008. Cost of labor is 13 times less in Mexico than in the U.S. When we purchase Motorola cell phones manufactured in Mexico we create our deficit balance of payments. Unknown to American’s is the new immigration policy of the U.S. to create the North American Union in an effort to continue the exporting of American jobs and the downsizing of American payroll at the expense of Americans and the profiteering by U.S. Domestic and International Corporations. 


The majority of the American people can no longer indirectly, or directly support or endorse candidates who currently occupy Congressional and Senate seats who have voted for NAFTA, and who agree with the North American Union and who endorse the current foreign trade policies.  A clean sweep of the Congress and Senate is necessary to allow a new president willing to accomplish the will of the people.  We now know that McCain is a Bush clone and if he isn’t, then he is lying to get elected and a man like that can not be trusted. Hillary Clinton is going to follow the same policies of her husband. She brags about the accomplishments of his administration and did support NAFTA. We certainly don’t want a continuation of those policies. Finally, the uncertainty is Barack Obama. If you read his positions concerning all the issues he certainly does not have all the answers. Yet, if elected he can only succeed with a majority in the House and Senate who back his policies. We are at a crossroad in our nation’s history. We need emerge from the last 19 years of non American ingenuity and the abolishment of a political agenda that promotes self serving leadership for the benefit of the few and not for the American Family.   


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