Change-A need for Term Limits

On October 26, 2008 St. Petersburg Times, Letter to the Editor by Mr. Jim Mastro, omits one very important factor, his dissertation is theoretical and has no substance in our realistic society with the greed mentality recently displayed over the last 8 years.


The fall of any great nation in history has always been preceded by an over extended military and the eroding of the economic foundation of its economy. It has been the establishment of a two class system where those who have refuse to share with those who do not have. Our Government of the United States was once a nation who cared about, empowered and provided opportunity to the less fortunate. In the last 8 years this nation has forgotten its’ true purpose.


Control of our economic systems and assistance programs have been put in the hands of political puppets that refused to elevate the less fortunate and sustain the middle class American worker. They focus on convincing those in the middle that conservative ideals represent them through religious associated issues, free trade and capitalism when in fact their actions have proven to be the complete opposite. These tactics have sidetracked the middle from the real issues. If the last 8 years is an example of the success of theses ideals I fear what will be the outcome of the next four years if they are allowed to continue. Trickle down economics brought us the recession of 1990 to 1992, Desert Storm got us out. 9/11 brought us another recession and Iraq got us out. This mess was brought on by greed at every level.


The American voters are being led once again with false promises and pacifying words, pitting Republicans constituents against Democratic constituents. The choice for a candidate of hope and intellectual leadership for a successful future is clouded by lies and misinformation. The sad part in all of this is that Americans do not realize that to be successful the American voter must rid Washington D.C. with self serving politicians and replace them with representatives who will truly work for their constituents and not give in to the pressures of monetary rewards of Special Interests and Corporate America. Elected representatives who can not accomplish his or her political objective in six years, is in it for the wrong reasons. Term limits in both houses of congress should be the first step toward rectifying our American dilemma.

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