Penny Wise Gallon Foolish

Well what do think about a penny sales tax per gallon of gasoline to help maintain the Hernando County Road Infrastructure? On October 31, 2007 Mr. Webb discussed in one of his columns Re; Tax plan debate is over; begin the road debate, the issue of increasing the gasoline sales tax 1 cent which county commissioners decided not to do because of political reasons. Apparently, the thoughts on the table related to drivers discontent with paying an additional penny per gallon for gasoline. Isn’t that a joke?  Gas was selling around $3.09 per gallon and jumped to $3.98 per gallon we didn’t complain. So, if I understand the thought process of our commissioner’s people in the county would rather pay the major oil corporation 89 cents more to contribute to their profits rather than pay 1 cent to the county to keep our roads maintained.  It seems when we place political aspirations ahead of rational thinking we always make the wrong decisions.

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