A Can of Worms

Yes, we grew up with a different perspective on life. We also didn’t grow up too fast as well. We had a simple life with simple objectives. Yet, the 20th century was the most progressive century in history of mankind especially the last half. Our motivations have changed from a humanitarian objective to an accumulation of wealth objective. It is true that their still are some who have a heartfelt desire to better mankind by researching for cures for illnesses, our environment and society in general. But, the percentage of those who seek humanitarian objectives is very low.


The problem with our course in the 21st century is that our political leaders who shape the direction of where any society is headed have taken a course of greed and self-serving objectives. The leaders of the world have set our world society on a course for destruction. They have abandoned diplomacy as a tool to resolve issues. They have subscribed to the following tools to win their wars. Economic boycotts of nations. Medicinal boycotts of nations. Armed conflicts of nations. False price manipulation of commodities. Finally, the subversive division of people for the purpose of conquering their wealth.


The United States was once a bright light in a dark world. People came here because of freedom and hope from all sort of repression. We still shine but the light is flickering. We are being viewed by the world as a meddling and controlling force in a world society who wants to determine their own future. We

 threaten world philosophies and religions by telling them that democracy is good for them. What we don’t understand is that their faiths are their governing constitution. If I had to site an example, Israel is a state governed basically by faith. So, why do we support the state of Israel and try to convert Muslim states to democracies. We send mixed signals to the Arab nations. Hence the establishment of radical Muslim groups. I lost my nephew Louis on 9/11. I will never get over this. This was a horrible time in our lives. The lessons of 9/11 are the same as Pearl Harbor. Never, never let your guard down. There is always someone trying to take something of yours. The message was, your economic, military, and political powers are too controlling in the world. All great powers have their time in history yet they also have their dismantling. History tells us this, The Persians, The Greeks, The Romans, The Spaniards, The English, and The Americans. Who’s next. The Chinese?

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