Florida Politics

Written in 2006


I doubt that the St. Pete Times will print this opinion like others I’ve sent in the past. It is the same old thing every four years or during midterm elections. We hear the same old political rhetoric and nothing ever changes.  The American public and the people of Florida are always subjected to the lesser of two evils.  For example, the gubernatorial race here in Floridahas two candidates Jim Davis and Charlie Crist.  Each candidate says that they are the solution to the woe’s Floridians are experiencing.  Lets take a look at their records.  Charlie Crist has been attorney general for the last four years.  During his tenure what has happened to the Floridian homeowner should not be a feather in his cap but an indication of his inability to protect the people of Florida from the insurance lobbyists. His excuse is I wasn’t a legislator. While he was the Education Commissioner, Florida schools ranked at the bottom of the barrel.  He says he was hard on crime, during his tenure child abductions and crime did not go down. He also turned his back on Terry Schiavo; he didn’t get involved.  Charlie Crist is a no involvement legislator or policeman.

Now let’s look to Jim Davis.  Jim Davis has been in the U.S. Congress for the past 10 years.  He has been accused of being an absentee representative. I don’t know what he was doing while not in his seat of Congress, but based upon statistics congressional seat holders only spend two days a week in Washington.  Jim Davis is not the only problem in Washington he was part of it.  The question that comes to mind of course is how to choose the lesser of two evils.  My choice would be Jim Davis.  He was working among the Republican majority therefore unable to effectively legislate the wishes of his constituency. I wouldn’t vote for Charlie Crist for two reasons one being that he turned his back on the people of Florida while Attorney General by not getting involved with the insurance issues which are devastating homeowners today: secondly, I don’t want a politician in office who puts his campaign first before his constitutional responsibilities.  Charlie Christ is a special interest candidate.  He is also a non-committal individual who cannot make a choice T O way or the other when it comes to the common good for the people of Florida. Leaders make decisions and stand by them. Charlie Crist is not a leader. I don’t think we would reward a sheriffs deputy if he turned his back on a mugging, why should we reward Charlie Crist for turning his back on the people of Florida while the Insurance Lobby mugged us.

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