Conservative Editorialists

The only reason I read George Will’s column is to remind myself, that in America we must tolerate both conservative narcissistic and philosophical shortsightedness when dealing with today’s real issues plaguing our society. Mr. Will one of the last of a breed continues to think inside the box. He has already begun to cast doubt and criticism in the minds of those who read his column Beware of old pitfalls in New Deal attempting to devalue any plan that may assist in the recovery of our nation’s economic crisis. This is a man who had supported the conservative policies of the Bush and Chaney administration who by the way have placed us in this position. Mr. Will may be a historian, but he certainly does not understand economics. If it is a conservative approach not to repeat history than why did we repeat Viet Nam in Iraq? In the Clinton administration we did not have to go to war to stimulate the economy we as a nation became creative and innovative, we generated a budget surplus. What have conservatives done for this country lately?    

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