County Commissioners Need Guidance Counselors

Today’s St PetersburgTimes front page by Barbara Behrendt ” Officials Talk of action, then seek more talk”. From a constituents perspective, and one who understands leadership roles, I must question the ability of the County Commissioners, and their need to delegate, a key word, to other committees their thought process. Do any of them have the slightest idea why they ran for office? Did they think that their responsilities are to create as stated by Janey Baldwin, a second legislative body. One that wasn’t elected by the people of this county. Thanks for the reality break from Janey Baldwin, it seems she’s was the only logical one in that room. 

Mr Russell wants to model the Counties Governmental process after the States Model. That is exactly what Hernando County Government needs more bureaucracy.  He also suggests, that we need to have infrastructure projects ready for the promised state and federal stimulus packages. Now that was original!  The rest of the Commissioners sound like they are still running for office. 

I just wonder why we have this group of county commissioners? Sounds like they don’t want to make any decisions unless they were hatched from a committee. I believe the answer is, when recommendations are made by these “Standing Committees” and approved by a majority of the commissioners, no one will take responsibility for its failure. Therefore, the buck didn’t stop at their desk.

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