E-mail and the First Amendment

I must clarify a misconception by many who use the internet to communicate. The internet’s creation has been one of the most ingenious aids in complying with the First Amendment of the constitution of the United Sates. It provides the ability to all Americans to express their opinions to a wide range of individuals who choose to read such writings.


An e-mail had been sent to me concerning historical information related to a Nation’s historical growth and subsequent failure and demise. If the sender of this e-mail sent it accidently or intended to send it me, I do not know the answer to this question, yet I read the information and simply concluded that although I may not agree with all of its content I did see some similarities in my conclusions related to the subject. Since I felt that some of my conclusions were similar, I replied to all who had received this e-mail with a link to my Blog. I received a reply the next day from one of the mail recipients that my act was unethical. I apologized, but did not see the reason for the comment. My ethics are intact. If I had to respond in a like manner to all individuals, spam and junk mail sent to me I would have to remain awake 24 hours a day. It was apparent that he visited my Blog and realized that my writings were not in agreement with his thoughts on the subjects I have written about but needed to express a personal attach which leads me to question his principles.


Each day we receive in the US mail an array of opinions on many subjects from many sources. The daily papers are filled with opinions and thoughts that not everyone will agree with. This is what freedom of speech is all about. The sender of the original e-mail choose the group of recipients for a reason, the complaining party needs to contact the originator of the e-mail as well or not open e-mails from unknown senders by just deleting them.  




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