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January 20, 2009

Bush’s Goodbye

I wanted to be critical of George W. Bush in this writing and say good ridden but my compassionate side dictated a different approach.  W has without malice transformed a once great and respected nation into a wounded and malformed extension of himself and the people he surrounded himself with. Without knowing he has exemplified what greatness isn’t. Through no fault of his own his party convinced him that he would be what this country needed knowing all along that he was unqualified to be a leader of the greatest country in the world. W knows that he failed us all through no fault of his own. Because of this rein of misguided ambitions the Republican Party and Democratic Party must be scrutinized and kept in check so that the future of this country will never be put in the hands of a system of self serving corrupt people again. Politics are the same at both the national level and the local level. Unless we change the way we elect leaders to public office we will never have a government for the people.   

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January 19, 2009

Exempt Children from Budget Cuts

The Republican controlled legislature once again prioritizes according to special interest influences instead of representing the people who voted for them.


According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics the largest over-the-month decrease in the level of employment was recorded in Florida (-58,600) in the month of December, we currently have over 650,000 unemployed Floridians with a 7.3% unemployment rate. Hernando County alone has over 10% unemployed.


The State of Florida has begun to swing its axe by cutting $820 million from School Budgets. They have with one swing transferred the burden of budget cuts to local school boards. They don’t care how the job gets done its now out of their hands. This is Republican Florida State legislature at its worst. Why are the youth of this state and Hernando County bearing the burden?


Here is a no brainer; legislators can cut the state budget without affecting millions of school children. There are 8,175 Double Dippers in the state of Florida, retired state employees, legislators, judges, and municipal workers who are collecting a pension and are receiving their same salary plus their pension complements of a Republican legislature (1998 DROP program). If we assume that at the lowest end of the compensation scale there are double dippers receiving $40,000 a year the cost to the state is $327,000,000. This represents 14% of the state budget deficit and could reduce the School Budget cuts by 40%.


Gov. Charlie Crist pointed to the empty Capitol plaza and told supporters that Floridians ”know and understand” the difficult cuts lawmakers have to make. ”That’s why you don’t see protesters outside,” he said. Governor Crist people don’t understand the complexities of legislature if they did Tallahassee wouldn’t have enough space to accommodate the protest.

January 18, 2009

Going Green

Going on a diet has been said to be a life changing experience. It is a change in what we do on a daily basis. Our routines and habits take new directions and become a substitute for old ones. We eat healthy foods with less fat and we eat less frequently. What forces us to go on a diet? When our bad habits finally catch up to us and our physical health starts turning for the worst we begin to change our lifestyle to attempt to rectify what has brought us to this unhealthy existence.


Our environment and our natural resources are on a course which has already shown signs of stress and heart attack. Price and supply fluctuations in our natural resources and commodities are an indication of too much use and abuse. Air pollution in many parts of the world is creating toxic cities of doom. Water supplies are being fought over and the pollution of our water supplies has increased creating shortages or when undetected diseases of unknown origins or mutations of know viruses.


The time is right for a change in the future course of mankind. Our world is full of social, economical and political problems. What better way than to have a common goal for mankind where all people of the world join together to solve our worldly environmental problems. It is at the grass roots level that action needs to be taken. Professionals at every level must find value in promoting environmentally sound practices. An example of this is a dear friend of mine in south Florida Cathy Lewis, of The Keyes Company, who achieved the Green National Association of Realtors Green Designation. This designation was developed in response to growing consumer awareness of the benefits of resource-efficient homes and buildings. The courses she took to achieve this designation were developed in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of industry experts from across the country ensuring that designees gain comprehensive knowledge of green homes and buildings and issues of sustainability in relation to real estate. To date there are fewer than 200 Realtors nationwide who have this designation. She doesn’t yet consider herself an expert, but she is learning new things all the time and committing herself to doing something that will help sustain the environment every day.


No matter what you do or where you work each and everyone must contribute to a healthier world.

January 16, 2009

Wall Street-Where did the Money go?

Isn’t anyone questioning why these markets are trading the way they are? Wall Street always states that the public are the ones who make the markets move. They make you believe that normal every day people like “Joe the Plummer” trade their large stock portfolios or mutual fund positions on a daily basis. It reminds me of our elected representatives, they make you believe that because we elected them to office that you are in control when in fact they do whatever they want for whom they want regardless of what we desire.


On Thursday January 15, 2009 the Dow Jones was down as much as 200 points when the Senate and Congress were determining two important legislative decisions. One was to pass an 850 billion dollar stimulus package which they did which really was not the major factor in market activity. It was the Senates second hand out to Wall Street of 350 billion dollars which was the market mover. It is so obvious that so many people knew about the losses reported on the 16th of January 2009 by Citigroup (8.3 billion losses) and Bank of America/Merrill (118 billion losses) with a 20 billion dollar infusion as well. Supposedly this information was released on the 16th of January yet actions by our Senate were taken to calm the markets the day before and European markets traded higher prior to the information being released. Can some one tell me what’s wrong with this picture?

I seem to recall a SEC rule about insider trading. It is also called front running in trading.

The markets to day are being manipulated which got us in this mess in the first place. Markets are trading up not on good profit reports but on cash transfers to loosing corporations.  I have asked this question over and over. In every transaction there is a winner and a looser. Where is all this money going? We are supplying our Investment Banks, and our Banks and Insurance Companies with billions of dollars they supposedly lost. Where did the money go? I believe some one especially our Government should let us know since the taxpayers are paying the bills. I have my own conclusions to this question. But, I need a confirmation.

January 11, 2009

Human Nature

The best definition of Human Nature I’ve seen is from Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, “n the nature of man: as a: the complex of behavioral patterns, attitudes, and ideas which man acquires socially b: the complex of fundamental dispositions and traits of man.”


I personally have used the term all the time to describe a negative action or an expression by others which seemed unusual to me and those who had witnessed or those who had been on the receiving end of such an act or expression. The only time I have heard anyone else use the term was when describing a negative event perpetrated by an individual. This realization has brought me to this writing. I believe the definition needs to be rewritten to include acts of kindness or positive interaction. When describing negative acts or negative interaction the word inhuman must be used. 


The events in today’s world are so complex that human nature has no positive definition. If we are to define it today based on the events now taking place locally and around the world we would certainly express the negative. Was it human nature that launched missiles’ from Gaza to Israel or Israel to Gaza? Was it human nature that embezzled 50 billion dollars from unsuspecting investors? Was it human nature that caused the collapse of the financial systems in the United States and the World? Was it human nature that approved mortgages to unqualified individuals? Group motives and objectives had everything to do with the above behaviors of the few and not the majority. No individual can cause the results we are experiencing today. No one person can be blamed but that persons can be singled out as a contributor to the group’s action.


If we as individuals allow ourselves to be part of a group who’s objectives and motives are less than admirable than we are guilty of violating the positive concepts of human nature separately and as a group. The term human nature used in the context of a description of negative acts or interactions tells the reader that the act is excusable or forgiven when it really isn’t. The term inhuman must be used to describe those acts and interactions which are less than admirable.

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January 3, 2009

Israel After 60 years

Does anyone realize that after 60 years of conflict there should be an end to this. I gather we must fulfill prophecy because it seems that until the end days come it will continue for infinity. I was born in 1948 part of the generation who will witness the second coming, below is a link to the events of the creation of the State of Israel in that year. I once wrote a paper in a creative writing course in college 1974 which I received a A+, I wish I had saved it, it was entitled 26 Years in Labor Israels Birth.  I described the partitioning of the lands in question, and the plight of both sides in this mess. Innocent children being slaughtered because of an inability for grown people to come to an agreement or is it biblical with no solution.

Biblical background

Historical Background

Her are some answers to pertinent questions:

At its inception in 1948, how did Israel become a nation?

In 1947, the United Kingdom informed the UN of its desire to terminate its position as Mandatory Power and leave Palestine by August 1948. The UN passed a resolution to partition Palestine into a Jewish State and an Arab State. This non-binding resolution was accepted by the Jewish population and rejected by the Arab population. The UK abandoned the Mandate in May 1948, Israel became a state by declaring independence and war broke out immediately.

Was there injustice in this event?

The injustice is that the UN allowed the UK to abandon the Mandate without assigning another mandatory power. Resolution 181 was non-binding and required the acceptance of all parties to go forward. This clearly wasn’t the case. Another injustice occurred when the UN, once Israel declared statehood, did not establish the Arab areas as remaining under Mandatory control of the Trusteeship Council.

Who is responsible for the injustice?

The responsible party for the injustice is the United Nations.
The bottom line is that no matter what attempts are made to resolve this problem in the middle east, we will all be on the short end of the solution.

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