Israel After 60 years

Does anyone realize that after 60 years of conflict there should be an end to this. I gather we must fulfill prophecy because it seems that until the end days come it will continue for infinity. I was born in 1948 part of the generation who will witness the second coming, below is a link to the events of the creation of the State of Israel in that year. I once wrote a paper in a creative writing course in college 1974 which I received a A+, I wish I had saved it, it was entitled 26 Years in Labor Israels Birth.  I described the partitioning of the lands in question, and the plight of both sides in this mess. Innocent children being slaughtered because of an inability for grown people to come to an agreement or is it biblical with no solution.

Biblical background

Historical Background

Her are some answers to pertinent questions:

At its inception in 1948, how did Israel become a nation?

In 1947, the United Kingdom informed the UN of its desire to terminate its position as Mandatory Power and leave Palestine by August 1948. The UN passed a resolution to partition Palestine into a Jewish State and an Arab State. This non-binding resolution was accepted by the Jewish population and rejected by the Arab population. The UK abandoned the Mandate in May 1948, Israel became a state by declaring independence and war broke out immediately.

Was there injustice in this event?

The injustice is that the UN allowed the UK to abandon the Mandate without assigning another mandatory power. Resolution 181 was non-binding and required the acceptance of all parties to go forward. This clearly wasn’t the case. Another injustice occurred when the UN, once Israel declared statehood, did not establish the Arab areas as remaining under Mandatory control of the Trusteeship Council.

Who is responsible for the injustice?

The responsible party for the injustice is the United Nations.
The bottom line is that no matter what attempts are made to resolve this problem in the middle east, we will all be on the short end of the solution.


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  1. I think how long there will be politicians there will be wars; that means for ever.

  2. I agree, or until the end, which ever comes first. Remember that most not all politicians are only in it for their glory and no one elses. Until we elect politicians who represent something other than special interests we will always be subject to the consequences of their self centered ambitions.

  3. Since the use of the Hashomer groups to protect the Jewish farmers and villages in Palestine from marauders the site we call Israel has seen no peace.

    1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, 2006 and now 2009 with no real long term peace foreseen in the future. Even if we get the establishment of peace via a two state political solution the end results will still be future conflict unless the legitimacy of the state of Israel is recognised in the hearts all people in that region.

    You only have to look at the redrawing of the borders of a large percentage of countries to see that a political solution not supported by a vast majority of the inhabitants in a given region may not last.

    The former Yugoslavia and Norther Ireland are two perfect of examples of conflict where a political solution was not attainable until the will of the people became the over riding concern which was accelerated by armed conflict. A successful Winter Olympics were held in Sarajevo in 1984 yet after Titos death the area fell apart!

    Collaborative efforts by the Turks, Syrians, Iraqis and Iranians to prevent a greater Kurdish homeland is an example of centuries of multi-state sponsored suppression of a people in their attempt to create an autonomous nation-state.

    The past conditions in Ulster (Norther Ireland) is particularly hard to comprehend in comparison to the Arab Israeli conflict. My point is that if it took nearly a hundred years to bring lasting peace to Ireland as a whole (Erie and Ulster), where the common view point (culture and way of life) of the people was nearly 100%.

    This does not mean that I support dictators as a solution but in the case of Sub Sahara Africa a benign dictator or a form of agriculture based Marxism is a better starting point then a market driven capitalistic form of democracy that we [the USA and the West] practice.

    A solution in the Middle East ending in long term peace may take over 1000 years to achieve, but even that may not be long enough!

    References: The hundred years’ war: Economist Magazine, 01/10/2009

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