Exempt Children from Budget Cuts

The Republican controlled legislature once again prioritizes according to special interest influences instead of representing the people who voted for them.


According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics the largest over-the-month decrease in the level of employment was recorded in Florida (-58,600) in the month of December, we currently have over 650,000 unemployed Floridians with a 7.3% unemployment rate. Hernando County alone has over 10% unemployed.


The State of Florida has begun to swing its axe by cutting $820 million from School Budgets. They have with one swing transferred the burden of budget cuts to local school boards. They don’t care how the job gets done its now out of their hands. This is Republican Florida State legislature at its worst. Why are the youth of this state and Hernando County bearing the burden?


Here is a no brainer; legislators can cut the state budget without affecting millions of school children. There are 8,175 Double Dippers in the state of Florida, retired state employees, legislators, judges, and municipal workers who are collecting a pension and are receiving their same salary plus their pension complements of a Republican legislature (1998 DROP program). If we assume that at the lowest end of the compensation scale there are double dippers receiving $40,000 a year the cost to the state is $327,000,000. This represents 14% of the state budget deficit and could reduce the School Budget cuts by 40%.


Gov. Charlie Crist pointed to the empty Capitol plaza and told supporters that Floridians ”know and understand” the difficult cuts lawmakers have to make. ”That’s why you don’t see protesters outside,” he said. Governor Crist people don’t understand the complexities of legislature if they did Tallahassee wouldn’t have enough space to accommodate the protest.

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