Bush’s Goodbye

I wanted to be critical of George W. Bush in this writing and say good ridden but my compassionate side dictated a different approach.  W has without malice transformed a once great and respected nation into a wounded and malformed extension of himself and the people he surrounded himself with. Without knowing he has exemplified what greatness isn’t. Through no fault of his own his party convinced him that he would be what this country needed knowing all along that he was unqualified to be a leader of the greatest country in the world. W knows that he failed us all through no fault of his own. Because of this rein of misguided ambitions the Republican Party and Democratic Party must be scrutinized and kept in check so that the future of this country will never be put in the hands of a system of self serving corrupt people again. Politics are the same at both the national level and the local level. Unless we change the way we elect leaders to public office we will never have a government for the people.   

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