Republicans should be angered by their lack of representation

Hernando County Republicans should begin to support their Democratic counterparts. It has become apparent that republican politicians don’t care about you. The Stimulus package was passed by 246 Democrats and ZERO out of 183 Republicans in the Congress, you must be proud of your Rep Ginny Brown Waite who voted against creating jobs locally for the construction industry, or educational support to keep teachers in their jobs, increased unemployment compensation, and a 65% subsidy for Cobra Health Insurance, and the beginning of the long awaited energy independence to support alternative energy sources which are part of this bill. Please don’t confuse Brown Waite’s political rhetoric utilizing the term pork, hopefully not referring to her Republican constituents who will be the recipients of this bills intent and who re- elected her, as pork. In the Senate 57 Democrat’s and 3 wise Republicans, 2 from Maine and one from Pennsylvania rose to this bi-partisan occasion without political agendas for the 2010 election year. There were 36 Senate Republicans who voted against this bill including John McCain. Here is a message to registered Republican’s who are currently receiving unemployment, you should not have a short memory in 2010, remember it was Democrats who were looking out for your interest in 2009.


2 Comments to “Republicans should be angered by their lack of representation”

  1. I am proud of the Republicans who voted for the MASSIVE spending bill. While I might nor be as vitriolic about it as they are, I do see a large amount of “government” being created and only a number a few transitory jobs being created.

    Government can only create jobs by spending our money. In order to maintain those jobs they must continue to spend and that means taxes must go up. The higher the taxes the less disposable income left for spending – the kind of spending that creates long-term jobs – the kind we actually need

  2. The immediate action by this administration was required. Stalling the process would have placed many more americans at risk. I am still employed and I am very thankful for that. My work deals with budgets and forcasts. A delayed action was not the course of preference. This patch will allow Washington to design an addendum to this plan. If they choose to be bi-partisan it will occurr sooner. We are on the right path and this plan can be adjusted. Throwing cash at people did not solve this crisis. $600 per person $200 per child did nothing. Putting people to work and aid to the states will. Once our business sectors are back up running the jobs created by our government will transfer over to businesses and off government payrolls.

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