The New Civil War

No matter what side of the fence you stand on you must admit that over the last 48 years each presidential election has become a Civil War. A civil war is a war between organized groups to take control of a nation or region, or to change government policies as partially defined by Wikipedia . I believe it should be expanded to include, change with or without military conflict.


Does the United Sates have a civil war every 4 to 8 years? Since 1960 I believe our country’s political census would suggest that we have been divided 50-50 in our political ideologies. Although the Republican party of Lincoln freed the slaves, the Republican party of today is attempting to once again to bring back slavery in their attempt to destroy unions and organization’s who support workers rights. Contrary to goals of the Republican Party, the Democratic Party is attempting to reestablish our constitutional rights as described in the Bill of Rights ensuring freedom of speech, and the pursuit of happiness which includes the access to an equal education, work opportunity, and affordable healthcare.


Our forefathers when writing the Constitution and Bill of Rights were inspired by the fact that their countries of origin did not provide those rights endeared to all people all of the time. The United States at times in it’s history has backslide making policies which resemble those injustices we originally tried to do away with and not have to experience ever again. 


Some of the arguments you will hear from Republican supporters is that all people have the same opportunities, they want you to believe that there is no discrimination against those who they perceive to be different then they are. A pure example of this is the political rhetoric displayed during the 2008 election. Their actions put their political goals ahead of people, which still continue even after the election. Another example is the stimulus package developed by the Democratic Party and amended by Republicans. Although, the spending objectives were not met 100% they all voted against the stimulus except for three Republicans. The only reason they voted against the stimulus was for those constituent’s who are the extreme right base of the party. There are Republican’s who understand and know that the no vote was a political vote for 2010 elections and not substantiated by any real objection to the intent of the stimulus.  For those who say nay, and who believe they can dissect the stimulus bill and point out its failures is unrealistic and delusional. This bills objective will not be accomplished until all of its components are executed 100%.


The Republican Party continues to use fear tactics to keep hold of their followers. They try to portray Democrats as socialist’s even communist’s, they portray Democrats as big spenders, and baby killers. These stigma, are lies just to incite the Republican base and form a negative impression of good Americans who have just as much rights as they do. Their Biggest Mouth Rush Limbaugh is a reminder of the sensational overtones voiced during the mid thirties and early forties in Germany. If anyone believes that Limbaugh has any real unifying agenda they too are just as delusional as he. His chest pounding and un-American rhetoric continues to appeal to those who choose to be less tolerant of others differences and the use of charismatic oration, and propagandaborder on totalitarian and dictatorial agendas. Republicans must be very wary of their association with Rush Limbaugh he may become the poster child for their downfall in a true Democracy.


The Republicans promise fiscal responsibility, although the facts don’t lie, from 1994 to 2000 the Republicans controlled the Senate & House under a Democratic President where the support of the Administration was a bi-partisan majority. They amassed a budget surplus under Bill Clinton a Democrat, only to be squandered in the next six years by a House and Senate controlled by the extremist right wing ideology of the Republican Party under the Presidency of George W. Bush. Republicans won the 2000 and 2004 elections by fear. America First, Family and Abortion were their platforms which elected them. In the mean time they were transferring wealth from the middle class to the rich, becoming opportunists over 9/11 by planning an invasion of the nation of Iraq to manipulate the price of oil and spend billions on a war in Iraq with no bid contracts to the special interests associated with Washington. Their campaign for right to life focused on the unborn but not the living who sacrificed their lives in Iraq.  There is plenty of blame to go around for this injustice on both sides, but the remaining fact is that the President and his congress lead our nation. George W. Bush and his congresses failed miserably in leadership and direction for our nation.  


The new civil war is more than just differences of ideologies. It has become a separation of social stratus and the manipulation of individual emotional attitudes by a media controlled by competing forces in pursuit of the control of our political orientation’s, our nation, its wealth and remaining natural resources through the election process. Also, this control is influenced by external forces because of the mismanagement of our nation’s finances and international trading policies. The economics of the 80’s 90’s and the new millennium were based on leverage and credit. The house of cards have fallen, a renewed economic approach for a solid foundation in our economy is required if we are to survive this internal war. The great minds of this nation once provided the inspiration, and ideas based in humanitarian objectives not dollars and cents alone. The bottom line should be less important than the contribution to society any idea may bring. If Republicans and Democrats can truly promote unity in our nation and not separation we will succeed, if they don’t we are doomed to failure like all great nation in the past.      




6 Comments to “The New Civil War”

  1. I don’t think of these transitions as civil wars at all. More like slight steering adjustments of a big ol’ Cadillac motoring down the road — a little to the left, a little to the right… but never in the ditch, and never crossing the median.

  2. Apparently, your take on our international acceptance, economic doldrums, over three million unemployed, and our credit crisis, and finally deficits out of this world is a slight steering problem. The directions taken by the last administration are what got us here, if that’s not being in a ditch what is. The new administration is trying to get us out of the ditch with no support from the other side tow truck.

  3. “Although the Republican party of Lincoln freed the slaves, the Republican party of today is attempting to once again to bring back slavery …”

    Bringing back slavery? It’s this sort of thing — that is factually inaccurate and mildly offensive — that will put off even the most ardent supporters of the Democratic party.

    “Our forefathers when writing the Constitution and Bill of Rights were inspired by the fact that their countries of origin did not provide those rights endeared to all people all of the time.”

    That seems to go against what you said earlier about slavery. Perhaps you might remember the Thirteenth Amendment?

    “If Republicans and Democrats can truly promote unity in our nation and not separation we will succeed, if they don’t we are doomed to failure like all great nation in the past. ”

    Perhaps it can start with this blog. Promoting unity doesn’t start with passing off the entirety of failures onto one party, and it certainly doesn’t help to say one of them is bringing back slavery.

  4. Mr. Dunn, if the poverty levels in this country and the number of minimum wage earners doesn’t represent a form slavery what does? It is a more sophisticated form. Ask any minimum wage earner with a family how they feel. Since the 1980’s the Republican Party has tried to dismantle unions in this country for one reason only to lower their income and reduce the cost to corporations therefore increasing their bottom line. Taking comments out of context is misleading I did blame both sides. My blog has one purpose to inspire people to think and do their own research. If you think that the Republicans Administration has not perpetrated injustices in the name of Democracy over the last eight years then you need to reevaluate your party affiliations.

  5. It’s either your complete lack of perspective on what slavery actually is, or your stubbornness to not admit “slavery” was a poor word choice.

    From Wikipedia: “Slavery is a form of forced labor where a person” is compelled to work for another (sometimes called “the master” or “slave owner”). Slaves are held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase, or birth, and are deprived of the right to leave, to refuse to work, or to receive compensation (such as wages) in return for their labor.”

    Let’s be real. That is not even close to being analogous to the position most are put in as minimum wage earners. There are over 170,000 words in the English language and an innumerable amount of ways to combine them into sentences, yet you chose to use one of them which evokes hundreds of years of hatred and injustice as a tool to sensationalize your argument.

    Also: I rather resent the out of context comment. The quotes I used are posted at the end of the full text, and I parsed them to highlight how irrefutably poor your word choice is.

  6. Do you really believe those in poverty and minimum wage earners have a choice? Slaves recieved room and board as their compensation and yes, they were held in captivity. Do you agree that the release from captivity requires the desire to depart without retribution with the ability to aspire to a better position in life. I always deal with reality. Visit some of the food kitchens in your spare time and maybe visit tent city in St. Pete. Ask them how they have the opportunities you are speaking of and whether they feel they are slaves.

    The term slavery was used in the beginning of the 20th century also referred to as sweat shops. Poor unhealthy working conditions for cheep wages for 12 hour days in many of the manufacturing plants in this country. Unions ended that. The downsizing of American Payroll began in the 80’s concurrent with the breaking of unions.

    The point in my sensationlized writing is that the Democratic Party is the party of citizens rights, the Republican Party is the party for business rights. Those ideologies need to have a happy medium.

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