Privatizing Libraries

What an unpopular suggestion by Administrator Hamilton. This is the first time I’ve disagreed with him.


The State Aid to Libraries program was designed to be an incentive to local governments to provide efficient free public library services to its county residents. These incentives come in the form of monetary support from the state. It provides a 25% contribution to operating expenses, and other grants based upon requests from municipalities. Over the last 4 years Hernando County has received almost 5.6 million dollars in grants from the state for our library services. Hernando County was able to improve services and build a new Library in Spring Hill because of this.


Here are some of the negatives related to this suggestion. Forty one government employees could possibly loose their jobs or be asked to take pay cuts. If they are vested in the state pension plan they loose the opportunity for full benefits at retirement. We are supposed to be reducing unemployment not increasing it.

Grants are based on local municipal spending the lower the spending the lower the grant. Privatizing will reduce grants.

Profit motivated services provide less service and charge more for less service and it’s not free.


Mr. Hamilton should take a look at a temporary adjustment to the operating hours of the Library Services before privatizing. I also suggest that closer review of other operating areas be looked at for more cost cutting efficiencies. Possibly some of the stimulus money for education could be identified for the Public Library System.


Finally, the Public Library System is an extension of our educational system in Hernando County, and should not be put in the hands of profiteers, there is enough cutting by our state legislators going on in education without the county government adding more to it.  







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  1. Nice post.

    Private libraries? I think I’ve heard of those somewhere before. Oh wait, that’s right –those are bookstores!

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