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April 28, 2009


I will clearly state that I am a Democrat who believes in fiscal responsibility and a social justice for all citizens.  I believe that special interests have undermined our National and Local Governments ability to govern for the people as intended in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


My purpose concerning CPR was to inform the public as to its real purpose. Its purpose is to spend taxpayer dollars to reduce housing inventory subsequently stimulating the real estate and mortgage banking industry in Hernando County and related businesses. This although will help jobs in these industries does nothing for the overall economy of Hernando County. This approach to stimulus will do nothing for the unemployed over the long term. Short term solutions to long term problems never work.


Economic development in Hernando County requires serious and long term solutions. Over the next few decades Hernando County needs to address public transportation and job creation not only in real estate related industries which has been the focus since the 70’s. The Tampa Bay Transportation Authority has proposed express buses as part of their solution for Hernando County’s commute to business centers in Tampa. Hernando County needs to develop its own business centers. Bring in 1000’s of jobs not 10’s and 20’s. Major corporations need to be solicited with millions of dollars in incentives rather than $500,000.00. Investments through incentives will be returned to the local economy through spending, increased tax and fee revenues by citizens relocating here for better paying jobs.  


Hernando County does not want to make the mistake of becoming the bedroom community of Tampa Bay. Ask anyone who comes from Long Island NY. Their real estate taxes are extreme. 

April 26, 2009

The Ingoglia Syndrome

Political sway is an art certainly mastered by Republicans in all forms of media, but truth will always prevail. Words can always be written to change the original meaning or objectives first composed. Ms. Castel has become a master at that by quoting out of context the original purpose of CPR.  Here is the purpose of CPR as written on page 163 of the Agenda Packet from the meeting held on Feb 11, 2009.


“The Hernando County “Comprehensive Plan for Recovery” (CPR) is designed to alleviate certain key factors in an effort to reduce the amount of time it takes for our community to stabilize our lagging local economy. CPR also works independently from any state or federal funding. In order for any economic stimulus to be effective it must be timely, temporary and targeted. The plan focuses on three general areas: reducing the amount of foreclosures on the market, assisting first time homebuyers and controlling capital improvement costs.


Ms. Castel has re-written the focus of CPR for the benefit of defending Mr. Ingoglia’s true intent. What she proposes as being the real intent reduced unemployment, is basically a side mention not even secondary to the plan just to bring buyers into the Hernando real estate market. The key error in the plan as stated is that CPR must be “timely, temporary, and targeted”. Real growth should be permanent not temporary.  The real plan authored by Mr. Ingoglia is written on pages 164 thru 167 purely dedicated to selling homes whether foreclosed or new to first time or second home buyers. There are no innovative ideas to create jobs. To those of us who aren’t ignorant that sounds like business as usual.


Mr. Ingoglia is a Capitalist and business man first all gifts whether personal or political are written off for tax purposes in his business. CPR would have used taxpayer dollars.  That sound like a Liberal to me.

April 19, 2009

GOP Gone Wild

Wake up Hernando County. The Republican Party has made it perfectly clear what they want for this county, real estate development and more development. The election of Blaise Ingoglia to head the GOP in Hernando is proof to all citizens in this county that the focus for the future of Hernando will be on profits for real estate industries at the expense of everyone else including Republican voters not working in those industries. When Hernando County has been built out and all of its natural resources put at risk the Developers will move on to Citrus County. My friend Christopher L in Citrus has hopes that the Sun Coast Parkway never gets extended into Citrus County for fear of the same onslaught going on in Hernando.


You would think that the Republican Party would choose a person who would have a better grasp of issues which affect citizens of Hernando County and not special interests; Issues such as unemployment, environmental conservation, and influencing Corporations to relocate to Hernando. This week a Republican controlled Board of County Commissioners approved $500,000 for incentives to outside business to relocate here. Are they kidding?


Mr. Ingoglia’s concentration is on dollar issues, profits, selling homes and placing mortgages from which he makes his money. Mr. Ingoglia stated that a “vast majority of Americans agree with Republicans and conservative values”. First, Mr. Ingoglia proves how out of touch he is with that statement, just 5 months ago a Majority of Americans voted into office Democrats with very liberal ideals. Secondly, he has insulted every Democrat by saying that “when people vote Democrat they are voting against their family’s best interest”. Wrong again Mr. Ingoglia, they are voting for the betterment of their family rather than special interests. Finally, Mr. Ingoglia, states that “If disenfranchised Republicans choose not to accept, they cannot say we didn’t try”. I interpret this as him saying, if the Republican left and middle don’t agree with him too bad. This is an indication of the GOP attitude displayed during the Bush administration now controlling the local Republican Party and we certainly know what happened to them.   

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