GOP Gone Wild

Wake up Hernando County. The Republican Party has made it perfectly clear what they want for this county, real estate development and more development. The election of Blaise Ingoglia to head the GOP in Hernando is proof to all citizens in this county that the focus for the future of Hernando will be on profits for real estate industries at the expense of everyone else including Republican voters not working in those industries. When Hernando County has been built out and all of its natural resources put at risk the Developers will move on to Citrus County. My friend Christopher L in Citrus has hopes that the Sun Coast Parkway never gets extended into Citrus County for fear of the same onslaught going on in Hernando.


You would think that the Republican Party would choose a person who would have a better grasp of issues which affect citizens of Hernando County and not special interests; Issues such as unemployment, environmental conservation, and influencing Corporations to relocate to Hernando. This week a Republican controlled Board of County Commissioners approved $500,000 for incentives to outside business to relocate here. Are they kidding?


Mr. Ingoglia’s concentration is on dollar issues, profits, selling homes and placing mortgages from which he makes his money. Mr. Ingoglia stated that a “vast majority of Americans agree with Republicans and conservative values”. First, Mr. Ingoglia proves how out of touch he is with that statement, just 5 months ago a Majority of Americans voted into office Democrats with very liberal ideals. Secondly, he has insulted every Democrat by saying that “when people vote Democrat they are voting against their family’s best interest”. Wrong again Mr. Ingoglia, they are voting for the betterment of their family rather than special interests. Finally, Mr. Ingoglia, states that “If disenfranchised Republicans choose not to accept, they cannot say we didn’t try”. I interpret this as him saying, if the Republican left and middle don’t agree with him too bad. This is an indication of the GOP attitude displayed during the Bush administration now controlling the local Republican Party and we certainly know what happened to them.   

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