The Ingoglia Syndrome

Political sway is an art certainly mastered by Republicans in all forms of media, but truth will always prevail. Words can always be written to change the original meaning or objectives first composed. Ms. Castel has become a master at that by quoting out of context the original purpose of CPR.  Here is the purpose of CPR as written on page 163 of the Agenda Packet from the meeting held on Feb 11, 2009.


“The Hernando County “Comprehensive Plan for Recovery” (CPR) is designed to alleviate certain key factors in an effort to reduce the amount of time it takes for our community to stabilize our lagging local economy. CPR also works independently from any state or federal funding. In order for any economic stimulus to be effective it must be timely, temporary and targeted. The plan focuses on three general areas: reducing the amount of foreclosures on the market, assisting first time homebuyers and controlling capital improvement costs.


Ms. Castel has re-written the focus of CPR for the benefit of defending Mr. Ingoglia’s true intent. What she proposes as being the real intent reduced unemployment, is basically a side mention not even secondary to the plan just to bring buyers into the Hernando real estate market. The key error in the plan as stated is that CPR must be “timely, temporary, and targeted”. Real growth should be permanent not temporary.  The real plan authored by Mr. Ingoglia is written on pages 164 thru 167 purely dedicated to selling homes whether foreclosed or new to first time or second home buyers. There are no innovative ideas to create jobs. To those of us who aren’t ignorant that sounds like business as usual.


Mr. Ingoglia is a Capitalist and business man first all gifts whether personal or political are written off for tax purposes in his business. CPR would have used taxpayer dollars.  That sound like a Liberal to me.

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