I will clearly state that I am a Democrat who believes in fiscal responsibility and a social justice for all citizens.  I believe that special interests have undermined our National and Local Governments ability to govern for the people as intended in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


My purpose concerning CPR was to inform the public as to its real purpose. Its purpose is to spend taxpayer dollars to reduce housing inventory subsequently stimulating the real estate and mortgage banking industry in Hernando County and related businesses. This although will help jobs in these industries does nothing for the overall economy of Hernando County. This approach to stimulus will do nothing for the unemployed over the long term. Short term solutions to long term problems never work.


Economic development in Hernando County requires serious and long term solutions. Over the next few decades Hernando County needs to address public transportation and job creation not only in real estate related industries which has been the focus since the 70’s. The Tampa Bay Transportation Authority has proposed express buses as part of their solution for Hernando County’s commute to business centers in Tampa. Hernando County needs to develop its own business centers. Bring in 1000’s of jobs not 10’s and 20’s. Major corporations need to be solicited with millions of dollars in incentives rather than $500,000.00. Investments through incentives will be returned to the local economy through spending, increased tax and fee revenues by citizens relocating here for better paying jobs.  


Hernando County does not want to make the mistake of becoming the bedroom community of Tampa Bay. Ask anyone who comes from Long Island NY. Their real estate taxes are extreme. 

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