Hernando County Gas Taxes

Re: C.T. Bowens Article 5/29/2009 St Pete Times Editorial

Mr. Bowen writes very graciously of Commissioners Russell, Stabin’s and Atkin’s. The dismissal of any discussion on such an increase in a 3 Cent gas sales tax as describe by Mr Russell as if the burden of this tax will be so devastating to the public. As I watched the broadcast at the Hernando County Government site they spoke as if it’s ok for Exxon/Mobile, and OPEC to continually reap the rewards of price increases where none of those dollars come back to Hernando County. They spoke of the Federal Government taxes on gas as if they too are evil. It is precisely those taxes that provide efficient major road systems and maintenance which results in the public receiving a direct benefit from these taxes. We all know that their dismissal was political in all respects to protect Mr. Russell’s re-election in 2010. As Mr. Hamilton attempts to cut a now estimated 11 Million in expenses from the county budget the Board of County Commissioners do not have the political will to help him bridge these gaps. Their self serving interests confirmed by their approved discussions of reducing impacts fees not too long ago is an example of where their loyalties are instead of serving the public.

Let us put things in perspective.  A 3 Cent increase in gas tax per gallon will ad 4.5 cents per day to your expenses if you drive 30 miles a day and get 20 miles to the gallon in your Auto. This equates to $16.425 dollars a year to your gas bill based on 365 days. I can guarantee that these commissioners don’t really understand the impact or if they do are again just playing politics. Where are their backbones. To Mr. Russell, Mr. Stabin’s and Mr. Atkin’s Its just a another deception. We need leadership who will provide the public with the truth and present the data which will certainly result in a positive public opinion.

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