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July 21, 2009

The Allusion of Logic

 One definition of logic is “The formal systematic study of the principles of valid inference and correct reasoning” as defined by Wikipedia. 

I can only conclude that logic is used in a presentation of factual information in an orderly sequence of subject matter to secure another’s concurrence of its conclusion. In layman terms, Information presented to convince the reader or listener and ultimately secure their agreement concerning the subject being discussed.   

 Recently, I have been having internet chat discussions with individuals concerning county government, its budget and tax alternatives. Most of these chat persons use alias’s and like to label people when their arguments do not contain any logic.  Labels such as, liberal, tax and spend democrat. These are national terms which we all have come to know.  Behind these terms are a representation of perceived ideals defined by no other than politicians for the political convenience of not having to explain logically ones views or objections to another’s views. These one, two or more word catch phrases become very convenient and present the allusion of logic to those who are unwilling to find the truth.

 An example of logic is as follows: awhile back the county administration proposed a 1 to 3 cents gas tax increase. The increase was requested to reduce government expense in one area in an attempt to either reallocate funds to another budget area and possible reduce expenses in other areas. The increase if agreed to by the County Commissioner’s would have assisted the Administration in accomplishing this objective. The logic was to not affect a department or taxpayers materially. The tax if imposed would have cost a driver in Hernando approximately $16.00 a year almost 31 cents a week. What is illogical concerning the vote by the three of the commissioners is that they have no concern over the oil companies increasing gasoline prices 5 or 10 cents a gallon which leaves the county and does not benefit us whereas a 1 to 3 cents gas tax stays in the county and helps maintain our road systems. I agreed with the Administration and was labeled in my chats as a liberal democrat and of course a tax and spend democrat.

 For those who feel this tax would be too expensive, just imagine when you hit that pot hole on Mariner, County Line, or Barclay and your wheel alignment goes out or you break an axle, what will that cost you, certainly not 16 dollars.

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