Supreme Commissioners

Re: Stabins forges own budget, Barbara Behrendt, St. Petersburg Times

Mr. Stabins should have used the term governing body when referring to the county commissions implied lack of their role in making budget and policy decisions over the last 9 months instead of returning to their “supreme authority” role.

Although, jobs are a main concern in any cost reduction plan, the reality is that someone will suffer for decisions that must be made in an economic downturn. Those employees who have decided to take early retirement have displayed a compassion for their associates by helping those who still need to earn a living. Consolidation of positions indicates a move to efficiency. Long time employees who are departing in most cases have trained subordinates to conduct business in their absence. This is called a back up plan in most organizations.

The plan to dump the counties membership in the regional water supply authority is a political decision and not a budget decision. Mr. Russell and Mr. Stabins have never supported the Regional Water Authority made up of 3 counties Citrus, Hernando, and Sumter. Rose Rocco, Diane Rowden and Chris Kinngsley did (re: Regional Water Approach is best Hernando Officials say, Barbara Behrendt, March 15, 2008). The Regional Water Authority continues to protect our water supply from over development in conjunction with SWFTMUD regulation.

Mr. Stabins has now publicly attacked Mr. Hamilton by stating “David woks for us and I reject much of what he has proposed.” Mr. Stabins lacks the ability to make the hard decisions he faults Mr. Hamilton for making in behalf of our County Government and ultimately the tax payers of Hernando County. Mr. Hamilton should keep up the good work and Mr. Stabins should be held accountable for any budget shortfalls.

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