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October 6, 2009

Washington D.C. The Bottom Line

After 233 years the people who govern our nation have become flim flam magicians. Not one of these elected officials has the desire or will to present a logical and just case for Health Care Reform much less a public option. They have taken a simple issue and have completely confused and misdirected the initial objectives for reform. I say a simple issue because we have a successful Health Care Plan that works, it’s called Medicare.

The Public Option is being portrayed to the public as a difficult goal when considering who gets affected by the change and how our national budget and costs to special interests will be burdensome. The American Public should be outraged by the complete disrespect for the majority’s wishes. Our Legislators have proven who their loyalties are to, certainly not the American people who put them in office. They have exemplified their desire to satisfy the industries and special interests who have supported their campaigns rather than their constituent’s who elected them to office, or did we?

They say that change is not easy. I have never believed this. Change is made difficult when the primary objective interferes with individual or group self interests. The controlling factor in this debate is monetary influence of our elected officials to satisfy the profit motives of those affected by change specifically those affected by a Public Option or Single Payer System.

 The questions on my mind and should be on your mind is this, Why is it when our elected representatives have to vote on humanitarian issues such as Health Care reform they begin to dissect hundreds of pages of document’s. Yet, decide on giving trillions to banks and insurance companies based on a one or two page document. Why did we enter a war in Iraq with false information? Why are we spending trillions to create a democracy that will never be established in Iraq? Why do we imply that our goals are to lift up the Iraq people to a higher level of existence, when we are rejecting almost 47 million Americans without Health Care, and have over 3.5 million homeless in this country who don’t know where their next meal will come from?

The answer is the Bottom Line, “Corporate Profits”.

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