Commissioners Transfer Tax Burden (Wealth)

It is obvious that the leadership of Hernando County continue to prescribe to old solutions to long-term problems. Tuesdays vote to lower impact fees only proves that the real leadership does not sit on the County Commission but in Development, Builders, and Real Estate Offices. Our Commissioners have now provided their first promise to their financial supporters.

What is perplexing is that the Commissioners as a group can only focus on one idea to stimulate our real estate industry not the economy. Where are the jobs outside of real estate industry? 

The voters of Hernando County must understand that until a tax base other than real estate taxes is developed all home owners in Hernando County will bear the full burden of financing County Government, the Sheriffs Department, County Schools and County Fires Services.

Don’t count on this Commission to keep taxes low, prepare for a tax increase with county deficits looming ahead. This vote by the County Commissioners on Tuesday not only placed the burden of taxation for infrastructure costs on the home owners but will continue to keep the value of your home low and will lower them for years to come. The reason is supply and demand. With builders adding new inventory on the market in addition to all the foreclosures and empty homes on the market values will continue to decline. This is a formula approved by your County Commissioners to increase county deficits and have home owners pay for them.

In October of next year when the Commissioners decide to raise the millage rate a half of a mil or exhaust the County Reserves and delay the tax increase for re-election reasons, and sell you a bill of goods that it is to protects the level of services to the County; remember the impact fee cut this past Tuesday given to their builders and developers their financial supporters. They were more important then the voters who put them in office.

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