Health Care A Simple Solution

Health Care can be reformed by offering not a public option, but a single payer option. To me its very simple, all those uninsured, or those who are tired of paying high premiums, or those small businesses who can’t afford premiums demanded by the Insurance Manopoly, should be afforded the option of purchasing a pre-medicare policy through Medicare for those between the ages of 21 and 64. Their premium will be much less than the current market and they will be exempt from medicare payroll deductions. This will help put medicare in the black. For those who choose to stay with their current insurance plans must continue to pay into the medicare trust through payroll reductions. I guarantee this will bring private insurance premiums down.

Those individuals and families who can’t afford full premiums will be accepted based upon income levels related to the poverty level. Most of the political oposition will of course call this socialism, I like to call it humanitarianism. Caring for those less fortunate is not socialism.


3 Comments to “Health Care A Simple Solution”

  1. Vito:
    I agree with you 100%. If we could only convience those politicans who take so much money for the insurance companies that this is the be best way then we could accomplish something.

  2. Harvey,
    Yes, it is simple but too many of our representatives have their loyalty elseware.

  3. Vito,
    If Republicans and our four DINOs block a bill with a strong public option, it would be a perfect time to pass a pre Medicare program using budget reconcilliation.

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