Supreme Court Decision on Corporate Political Ads

Today the Supreme Court has driven the final nail in the coffin of Democracy by allowing Corporations to pay for, out of their own treasuries, commercials and public ads promoting or supporting candidates whose policies and ideologies are that of theirs. The American public has once again been pushed aside and told that their votes will no longer determine who should represent them. The only defense against this is to boycott those Corporations. The 5 to 4 vote was based on party ideologies and not our democratic principals first determined in 1776. George Washington warned us of this and now with this confirmation as to who is in control of our legislative and judicial branches we are faced with the need for true change. If Americans continue to be complacent and not realize that our Democracy is in jeopardy by corporate control of our lives, think again. Wake up America, No honest Abe will ever be able to be elected to public office again with this ruling. Worthy candidates willing to serve the people whether it is local or national offices will be unable to compete because of the money being pump in by corporations. God help us all.


3 Comments to “Supreme Court Decision on Corporate Political Ads”

  1. Vito:
    I agree with you 100%. We must work harder than ever to get an amendment to the constitution which would change this procedure

  2. It makes you reflect on the how little we suspected were the calamities that were to befall us because we weren’t willing to fight like mad junkyard dogs to give Gore the win he dsserved.
    It is hard to fully grasp the dimension of the harm that Bush has done to our country.
    If we don’t get up on our hind legs and fight to preserve what is left of our democracy.we will deserve our fate.

  3. We idealists believed that our constitution and bill of rights was enough to protect citizens from those injustices that originally brought our ancestors to America.
    The decision by the Supreme Court has confirmed my biggest fear; that the last stronghold of our Democratic structure has now fallen to outside corporate influence.
    This judicial institution was to set a positive morality for our society has now become immoral. I knew in 2000 their decisions to give Bush the election were wrong. Yes, we didn’t fight them, shame on us. Now the Supreme Court has provided a means to perpetrate another theft of an election in 2010 by those who want to dominate our society and continue what Bush/Chaney began, the transfer of wealth from the middle and poor to the rich. I wonder if the public understands the magnitude of this decision.

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