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April 1, 2010

Voter rights jeopardized

In early April Commissioner Adkins will be proposing to the County Commissioners the creation of a Study Commission for a Charter Government.  Once he gets 2 more votes for the Study to be conducted by 2 other commissioners, Charter government will have to be considered on the ballot in an election for the public to decide at their expense if that is what they want and how they want the Charter to be written by a Study Commission.

It is obvious to me the origin of this thought process by Mr. Adkins is not from his creativity but possibly originates from the Hernando County Republican Party or a committee of the party. If you recall Mr. Adkins proposed an economic stimulus package in 2009 which he enlisted the help of local homebuilder Blaise Ingoglia to craft a three-pronged Comprehensive Plan for Recovery. This plan was defeated overwhelmingly by the county commission because of its ineffectiveness. 

We now have Adkins et al proposing a takeover of our local government. Charter Governments strip away voter checks and balances against political manipulation of taxing and spending. It takes away Hernando County voter rights to decide who will be our Tax Collector, our Clerk of the Circuit Court our Property Appraiser, our Supervisor of Elections and finally our Sheriff.  All of these constitutional offices should be independent of a County Commission or Administrators Control. 

Charter Governments are typically forms of government for City’s not Counties. When Charters are written many powers can be taken away from the voters and placed in the hands of the County Commissioners, Appointees or their Committees. One of these powers could include land development. Remember that Amendment 4 Hometown Democracy strips away control of land development from county commissioners and puts it in the hands of the voter, you the people. It seems that the current attempt to reduce voter powers is an attempt to destroy Hometown Democracy in Hernando County and many other voter rights.

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