Unemployment Extension approved

I’d truly like to address politics from a logical perspective but I find myself totally influenced by a theatrical perspective.  On Wednesday and Thursday July 21 and 22nd I glued myself to C span 1 and C span 2 the broadcasting network for the U.S. Congress and the broadcasting network for the U.S. senate respectively.  I watched the debate over whether to extend unemployment benefits to millions of Americans faced with the possibility of losing their homes, being unable to put food on their table, pay their rent, utility bills and other expenses which are part of the necessity to live if not approved. On one side the Democratic Party representatives voiced their concerns for the need to approve this extension immediately.  On the other side the Republican Party approach was to complain that the bill would not pay for itself.  They complained about the future generations their grandchildren and how they would have to pay for this bill.  The hypocrisy of their argument was so overwhelming I looked at these men and wondered if prior to entering these congressional chambers each of these republicans had taken drugs causing their irrational thinking.  If they were able to stick to the subject I would not be writing this but one by one Republican objections to the extension of unemployment were preceded by discussions of the need to do away with the inheritance tax for estates over seven million dollars, lifting the drilling ban in the Gulf of Mexico, extending the bush tax cuts for an additional decade all of which is not paid for.  They continually pointed out the fact that the current economic situation was a result of the Obama Administration policies. I began to visualize Monty Python’s Flying Circus.  If you had ever watched this program you would recognize some of these characters currently filling congressional and senatorial seats for the Republican Party.  Their complete disregard for facts and figures and out right lies is beyond comprehension to any intelligent human being.  Another movie comes to mind it is called the night of the living dead.  If you observe most Republican Party followers specifically the new tea party movement you will observe a similarity to the aforementioned movie. We are seeing the party of no, the party of obstruction, and the party of fabrication become more radical in their thinking. The leadership of this party does not exist. They are out of control and are becoming an additional burden if not a threat to our democracy.

Just some facts concerning some of their arguments, Tax increases do not loose jobs.

During the Clinton presidency he raised taxes and created over 10 million jobs. During Bush 2 presidency he lowered taxes to the wealthy and created 2 million jobs. At the end of the Clinton presidency we had a 236 billion budget surplus at the end of the Bush 2 presidency we had a 1.2 trillion deficit. Finally, during recessions and now the great recession the congresses both approved emergency unemployment extensions during the Reagan, Bush 1, and Bush 2 administrations without paying for it.

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