Priorities are influenced

Re: Brooksville residents hear rationale for decision to raze of two apartment complexes

Tony Marrero, 9/23/2010

I realize that decision making priorities facing the Brookville City Council can be difficult but the choice between putting people out on the street, an inhuman gesture, and the saving of a Golf Course just bewilders me. (Quarry Golf Course is worth saving

By Dan Dewitt, 9/24/2010)

After years of corruption by officials of the Brooksville Housing Authority the residents of Hillside Estates and Summit Villas are being evicted not because they created a problem but because their Government mismanaged the properties to an extent that they are in a condition of ill repair. So they say?

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) owns both properties in question. Yet the Brookville City Government has first right of sale for both properties. This means that after demolition of these homes they can sell these properties to any developer they please to.

The Brooksville Housing Authority members consist of individuals with associations to real estate property sales and developers. This seems to be a conflict of interests in my opinion which is driving the decision making to displace innocent residents of Hillside Estates and Summit Villas. The case against renovation seems overstated. It was stated by Tommy L. Brooks Sr. that Exec. Dir. Of the Housing Authority that renovations would run $17,000,000 as estimated. This equates to almost $130,000 per unit. Something is wrong with the estimates. A brand new three bedroom home can be built for that amount. I believe an investigation by HUD should be made into the reasons behind the decision being made by the Brooksville Housing Authority and their relationships with local land developers and builders.


2 Comments to “Priorities are influenced”

  1. What would be useful would be to shine a light on the names of those individuals who that are engineering this for their own profit. First among these would be Gary Schraut, the real estate developer that has been salivating at the thought of stealing these properties for years.

  2. There are a number of individuals and companies involved with this. The list is long. Cliff Emanuel who currently sits on the Housing Authority Board has been instrumental and has been influencing County Politics for years. This issue is at all levels.

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