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October 18, 2010

Truth in Talk Radio

On Monday 10/18 I listened to Bob Haa’s local radio broadcast, whose guest speaker was Mr. Robert Schenck (R) State Representative for District 44. Mr. Schenck’s opening statement was about how he reduced the state budget. I wonder if Florida’s balanced budget amendment had anything to do with it.


Based on the content of the questions of the 6 callers five were Republican callers with questions relating to new legislature on mandatory septic tank inspections, installation of water meters on private ground wells and red light cameras laws. Mr. Schenck calls all of these proposed laws socialism. When asked why he voted to increase License and Car Registration Fees, he admitted he made a mistake. When asked about originally voting for the now named Taj Mahal Courthouse and an additional $7.7 million dollars increase to the project costs which was attached to a bill which came out of the Transportation Committee which he sat on, he said it wasn’t his fault but a procedural problem at the state level. Then he said he tried to repeal the Car and License fee increases this year and voted against the bond funding for the Taj Mahal.


If this sounds familiar it’s because some politicians are for some things and then against them in an election year. If Mr. Schenck was against them he should have voted no originally. That’s called doing your homework. Some of the issues he had no response and said he would have to look up when he got back to the office to refresh his memory.


Knowing the political bias of Mr. Haa’s broadcasts I was surprised when he let one get by him, he some how allowed one caller of the opposite political party through to ask questions of Mr. Schenck.


The caller asked Mr. Schenck a question concerning his campaign rhetoric calling his opponent a tax and spend Democrat. Mr. Schenck cites that Diane Rowden voted no on a .5 mil rate reduction for the general fund in the 2008 budget year when he was no longer on the County Commission. The caller than indicated that over the eight years Diane Rowden served on the County Commission she voted yes to lower property millage rates resulting in lower property taxes of over $35 Million while Robert Schenck in his less than four years served lowered property taxes only $2 Million. His response indicated that he was not aware of the numbers.


Some times its good to listen to talk radio and sometimes it isn’t. I prescribe to reading about the issues in the St. Petersburg Times where the facts are printed.




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