We have failed ourselves

The events in Tucson on January 8, 2011 the assassination attempt of Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords, the murder of 6 individuals and wounding of 13 innocent bystanders  is the direct result of the lack of sensitivity and respect for one another practiced and sometimes promoted by those institutions and individuals who have an  influence over our country’s morality. 

Founded on principles and propositions of equality and freedom from oppression we have returned to that which we despised the most. We have allowed our institutions of government to be controlled by those we once defeated in 1776. Today voters decide to cast a ballot for a candidate based on propaganda fed to them through various vehicles of communication controlled by the same corporate institutions controlling the candidates you are being asked to vote for. 

Over the last 30 years the importance of an election is not based on principles founded on the common good but rather on the corporate good. Globalization which began in the 80’s, Ronald Reagan’s statement that “Government is the Problem” set the tone for industry, his union busting, trade policies, set in motion the beginnings of the downsizing of American payrolls, by exporting our jobs to foreign low wage countries. Deregulation of business in the 90’s and the repeal of the Glass, Stegall Act in 1998 enforced the systematic transfer of democracy by the people and for the people to rule by the corporation and for the corporation. This political thought process of no regulation of our economic systems was reinforced in 1998 by Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve testifying that regulation of any markets specifically the derivatives markets were not necessary because fraudulent activities in the markets are acceptable and that the markets would correct themselves, later to reverse his position in 2008 while testifying in another congressional hearing. In 1998 Brooksley Born, Chairman of The Commodity Futures Trading Commission disagreed and proposed regulations but was shot down in the same congressional hearings by Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, and Larry Summers advisors to Bill Clinton, and Arthur Levitt Chairman of the SEC. Brooksley Born resigned in 1998. In 2008 and 2009 the United Sates suffered an economic meltdown not seen since the great depression which Brooksley Born warned us about ten years prior. Recently, the Supreme Court ruled to make corporations equal to people according to the interpretations of 5 Supreme Court Justices biased by political influences therefore re-writing the Constitution and Bill of Rights and now our politics have been breached by foreign influence funneled through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. 

We all aspire to be someone or obtain something this is a normal human character, although it is the degree of importance we place on our goals and the means and methods we use to attain those objectives that counts. We have evolved from a society of service, creativity and invention by men like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Jonas Salk who provided for the common good of all the people, to that which we service, create and invent for the profit we can derive from our efforts. The means and methods of which have no boundaries based in decent and common good virtues.  The laissez-faire government economic policies of the last 30 years starting with the ill advised Ronald Reagan brought us to the brink of a second great depression in 2008. It is we who must change the direction of our national morality which affects our systems of governance and economics. It is in the board rooms of American Corporations, owners of small businesses and in the House of Representatives this process must begin.


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  1. This profound and instructive commentary should appear in every major newspaper in America…

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