A Historical Presidency

America witnessed the exemplification of the Office of the Presidency on January 12, 2011 at the University of Arizona when President Barack Obama honored the fallen individual’s of Saturday’s assassination attempt of Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords. 

In just this one revealing dissertation he has confirmed to all of America the foundations of character and morality Barack Obama possesses. After all the rhetoric by those who would have wanted him to participate in this virtue less discourse he stood his ground based in moral and virtuous principles recently not found in a majority of politico’s.     

He honored Christina Green exemplifying the role of a parent. There should be no doubt in the mind of the leader of the free world as to what their priorities must be. The family of these United States must be utmost in the decision making process by our president. As a parent the security and safety of our children come first. We provide a home environment where they go to sleep at night knowing that when they wake in the morning a new and bright day affords them the opportunity to live in a free and safe society where their objectives and goals are attainable. Our children deserve a future free from fear of harm, a future free of hunger and sickness, a future where the pursuit of an education doesn’t become a burden in their lives. 

Barack Obama is a leader, a person of integrity, a person who understands his role and has the knowledge to execute, a person of vision, a person of faith, a person of uncommon commitment, a person who requires positive results, a person who embraces others, a person who’s commitment is to serve the common man as a nation of people before self and special interests.

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