Ronald Reagan for President in 2012?

I am always interested in what the other side is doing; recently the rhetoric includes quotes, references and commentary on Ronald Reagan. So I wanted to see locally what the Republican Party was up to, I visited the Hernando County Republican Executive Committee website and viewed a YouTube video celebrating Ronald Reagan’s 100 birthday by presenting Ronald Reagan’s state of the union message in the 1980’s. I must say that I was just as impressed now as I was then when I first listened to the master orator back in the 1980’s. Yet, I was a little confused as to the purpose of the title’s message “Ronald Reagan’s 2012 Address” a deceased president who lived in a time when the issues of the day were different. Reagan’s presidency began with the Iran hostage situation when Iran was not as influential. He inherited an economy with high inflation and a recession which ended in 1983. The Republicans’ six-year control over the Senate ended in 1986, after numerous issues (the Iran Contra Affair, unpopular support for Reagan’s aid to the Nicaragua Contras, the cost of the Star Wars weapons program, farming woes and trade gaps) damaged the Reagan Administration’s image. His presidency ended with the 1987 market crash, the beginning of the savings and loan melt down, the subsequent gulf war of George H. W. Bush and the prelude to another recession which ended in 1991. His presidency is noted for systematically dismantling unions in American know as job reductions which eventually began the process of shipping jobs overseas and the downsizing of American payroll. The one thing he did do to his credit was to begin making Social Security solvent with logical and effective changes to the system and did not reduce benefit entitlements as a result of the Social Security amendments of 1983 and 1986.

So the question is, why are Republican’s intent on running on a platform of Ronald Reagan in 2012? Is there anyone in the Republican Party able to stand alone and lead? Should Republican constituents believe that a deceased president has the power to change our nation from his final resting place? If their platform is based on the philosophy and programs of 30 years ago how will we ever address the problems of today? If this is conservatism than it sounds like we will regress to policies of the 1980’s repeating past mistakes.

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