Radical Republicanism

It is impossible not to hear and read political rhetoric every time we turn on a news channel or read a newspaper. We are continually exposed to constant reference to different types of ideologies and philosophies through the use of terms such as Liberal, Progressive, Left, Far Left, Conservative, Right, and Far Right and so on.These terms of fear are used as stigmas so that once associated with an individual or organization we no longer need to read what they are representing or who they represent we just need to fear them. All these terms are communicated to all of us easily in an age of high tech media and is a simple method of classification which than defines the dividing lines of individuals and organizations.


This is not new of course it goes back to the beginning of our independence when men of great vision experimented in a new order in our lives called democracy. A Democratic Republic where all men, women and children were equal with freedoms to pursue their dreams in a society where their government was designed to protect and provide a playing field which would assist them in attaining their goals individually yet contributing to the overall goal for the common good of our nation and all of its citizens. These were the true objectives as outlined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. They built checks and balances by separating the three branches of Government the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial. This same structure was set up in all the states of our union. Our founding fathers knew that power in the hands of just one branch was too absolute and would be a detriment to one of our basic ideologies of freedom from oppression and the common good.

One hundred and fifty years this system worked until 1929 when we learned that a new and powerful force threatened our freedom from oppression and the common good. We learned that unregulated commerce in our economic system of Capitalism could circumvent our Constitution and Bill of Rights and create a national hardship which could destroy all we had accomplished as a nation. Our great nation with its three branches immediately restructured and wrote regulations to prevent this from ever happening again. Fifty years later in 1980 our legislative branch led by our executive branch began the deregulation of our system of economics under Ronald Reagan “The Problem is Government” giving birth to a new ideology called Radical Republicanism. It began with Reaganomics, the trickle down theory, where the crumbs of progress would fall into the hands of the poor and middle class this is  a form of oligarchy not yet achieved or has it been achieved today. The top 1% of our nation control 70% of its wealth as of 2008. In 1999 Radical Republicanism reared its head again with the repeal of legislature that protected us from freedom from hardship since 1929, the repeal of the Glass, Steagall Amendment of 1933 and our executive branch philosophy of continued deregulation. Over the next 8 years 2000 to 2008 Radical Republicanism accomplished the transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class utilizing the three branches of our government and a new branch of government I call the Commerce branch to accomplish this transfer. In 2009 the Supreme Court in a 5 to 4 vote ratified this Commerce branch by mandating that Corporations have the same rights as people thereby re-writing our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Commerce branch now literally writes legislature solely for the purpose for the common good of all Corporations through a now new Republican and Tea Party majority in our Congress. Traditional Republican Conservatism is dead and has been dead for 30 years. They have been run over by Radical Republicanism with irrational ideologies supporting an extreme laissez-faire policy where Corporation will continue to have free reign and control over you, me, our children and our future. So I have now added a new term to the rhetoric Radical Republicanism only this is a defining reality which we should really fear.


2 Comments to “Radical Republicanism”

  1. Well put! I believe that our country is at a crossroads. If we fail we will no longer be the world leader, just another nice place to live. History does repeat itself, you only need to look at the declines of Holland and the United Kingdom over the past 200+ years. If we do decline, historians will trace the beginning of that decline to the Reagan administration.

  2. This change I fear is taking place at all levels of Government. The State of Florida Governor Rick Scott is one who prescribes to Radical Republicanism.

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