Unite Voters of America

The United   States of America is divided, Left, Middle,  Right and economically in two the rich and everyone else. Because of these  divides we find confusion and apathy growing in our population day after day setting  the groundwork for a perfect political and economic storm which will  potentially have catastrophic results affecting everyone not seen since the  great depression. In war one of the most important strategic maneuvers is to  separate and divide. Are we at war and with whom? 

The eight years from 2000 to 2008 were comparable to the  1920’s and set the tone for the first wave of economic default. Enron, and WorldCom  its officers, its deceptions and their decent to bankruptcy exemplifies  commerce gone wild. Yet, we have not learned that unregulated commerce and its  supporters is our enemy within. The opposing view is that regulations prohibit  growth and expansion. This would be true in an idealistic capitalistic system which  is not manipulated. The reality is that we do not have a pure capitalistic  system based on supply and demand.

We have a system that is manipulated by special interests,  and lobbyists who have historically controlled our political systems since  Truman. Today they have invaded Washington  and taken the place of our politicians. These are the men and women who are  loyal not to the nation but to a minority of campaign donors and organizations  seeking one thing, a return on their nvestments in these politicians. Their  tactics are to prevent our nation from moving out of a recession into a new  prosperity. Stonewalling and obstruction of legislature which would be  beneficial to the people and our nation is being held hostage to passed  idealistic party rhetoric. The media is the communication tool used to portray public  opinion polls reflecting a false sentiment of support for specific issues and  candidates. Lastly, labels terms like liberal, conservative, right wing, left  wing which has manifested among our voting public appeals to our prejudicial emotions.  The combination of all of these tactics has created a voting population  confused and apathetic to any change that may be beneficial to progress. A  majority of our voting public is uninformed when dealing with the facts  pertaining to the issues. We are voters who are too lazy to research the  issues, voters who succumb to the short labels to voice their uninformed  position on the issues and a tool of division. We have become a nation of  complacent voters who are looking for the shortcuts, a nation of selfishness  who feel that if it doesn’t affect me why should I care.

Franklin D. Roosevelt recognized the suffering endured by  the people of United States  in the 1930’s. He also recognized the human factor that when a people are  repressed they must take care of themselves for survival before they can help  others. He knew that the only way to move our economy and help people was  through government work projects and assistance by providing people with jobs, an  opportunity and a sense of accomplishment while providing for their families. He  was quite successful until the Second World War broke out when we fought our  way out of the great depression. His unifying rhetoric and truth on the issues  solidified our nation at a time when we had so little hope. The deciding factor  was found in a population who voted for a unified Congress and Senate who  supported his realistic vision. There was no party of no.

Today there is little hope. The statistics are unclear, it  has been reported that 16 million people are unemployed or underemployed  another survey puts those estimates at over 20 million. The question is why are  they still unemployed or underemployed? The answer is very clear. Look in the  mirror and ask yourself did I vote for the right congressman, senator,
commissioner, state representative or mayor. Did I put in office candidates who  are intelligent enough to recognize legislation which will benefit the people  rather than a special interest or organization, a candidate who will help my  neighbor instead of me if I am not in need. We have heard about Judeo Christian  virtues by many of these political figures who propose to live by them, are  their platforms based in them? Do they separate and divide our nation instead  of unifying it? The answers can only be spoken by you the voter at the polls.


2 Comments to “Unite Voters of America”

  1. You left out one important question…Did I vote for the right Presidential candidate?????

  2. Again, bravo! The Republicans, whose main concern is to serve their financiers while pandering to their fringe, benefit from an uninformed and/or confused voter. This correlates positively with their anti-education stance through the years. The rhetoric and media misrepresentation coupled with outright lies, (has anybody listened to the Republican Presidential Debate or the stump speeches of Romney, Perry or Bachmann?), confuses the voter and often leads to voter apathy that concludes in not voting. Lower voter turnouts help Republicans; why else would they work so hard on voter suppression?

    An informed electorate that is willing to go to multiple sources to research races and issues is America’s and the Democratic Party’s best hope.

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