A conversation with Rush

I can’t refrain from writing about a conversation I recently had with an individual I once admired for their profession and believed was well educated in one of Florida’s best institutions of higher learning and now I use the terms higher learning loosely in this case.
What bothers me the most is that this individual is teaching the youth of our state with such disregard of facts and has based opinions and positions on “I heard it on the news” yet indicated that they never watched the news?

The conversation began with we got to get rid of Obama, now you must realize that because of my political liberalism I thought this conversation could have been a set up for me by those who know me. So, I took the bait and asked why, for the sake of writing this I will assign a name to the person this conversation took place with. Rush will be appropriate in this case because Rush said he never listened to the news I figured Rush was making up the news. Rush said that Obama was going to turn the United States into a Socialistic Country. I expressed to Rush that the United Sates is both a society of democracy and a society with socialistic programs such as social security, Medicare and Medicaid. We also are a socialistic society with Civil Servants at all levels of government, Federal, State, City and County of which you a teacher are part of that socialistic system.

Rush than told me that Obama was a Muslim and that when he was sworn in as president he didn’t us the bible but the Koran. I asked what facts do you have to prove this and Rush said it was on the news and that there were pictures. What can I say but Rush became to me a wall not to be penetrated by facts or any logic. Because of this I asked if Rush believed Obama was a citizen. The look on Rush’s face while shaking his head no told the story. So I asked if he believed the Governor of Hawaii manufactured his birth certificate again his look told me the answer. Rush went on to tell me that Obama went to Muslim schools and spent many years in Muslim countries. After this I realized that when attempting to speak logically and factually with someone with very little ability to think outside the box and discern over opposing information my time was being wasted and any attempt to educate Rush was fruitless.

After this I realized that there must be something wrong with our educational systems when such narrow minded individuals are being turn out in a world that has become so complex. We are turning out well train text book readers and test takers. But, we are not turning out thinkers who can rationalize, gather facts, discern and than make a logical decision. Let’s just say to Rush there are no cliff notes in real life.

Just a final thought Edward R. Murrow warned us about the influence of the television media. “To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; credible we must be truthful.” Edward R. Murrow Rush in my opinion has been brain washed by Fox and the EIB network.


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  1. Vito this posting is actually a good lesson for candidates and campaigners. While you cannot expect success by just preaching to the choir, (I am in no way discounting the importance of energizing the base), you have to be judicious in the time and effort you expend on reaching out to the unconverted. Fortunately for progressive candidates the base and the truly swing voters generally provide a large enough audience for their ideas.
    It is shocking what some people truly believe. If they would just do some critical thinking they would see the folly of their ways. The birther controversy is a great example. The idea that President Obama is some sort of secret Manchurian Candidate is absurd. To believe that in 1961a white American woman in her twenties married to a black man from Africa would have a child that would be secretly raised to be a “covert” President when that very marriage was illegal in 17 states just 12 years earlier and the Civil Rights Act was three years in the future defies reason. Then to believe that the child was born in some foreign country while these young kids of no great means had co-conspirators plant a false birth notice in the newspaper and plant false documents in official records. Of course, every political consultant will tell you that Barack Obama is the optimal name for a candidate.
    As to socialism, you stated it well. The only problem is that most of the people you reference use the word without understanding it. In fact they exclusively associate it with the former, (except in the case of Michele Bachmann who thinks it still exists), U.S.S.R.
    Not thinking and getting news from other than credible sources are big parts of the problem. A friend of mine has come up with a name for it “Foxpox”, so much for that mythical liberal bias. I guess Foxpox is a price we have to pay for the freedom of speech guaranteed in the First Amendment.

  2. Again Larry your eloquent summary motivates me to continue to express what I feel is a major problem with our Nations thought process or lack there of.

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