2012 the Year of the Decider

One candidate calls himself a businessman who has lived in the real business world. He understands the economy because of this and will be a better choice for president because he’s a decider. Can some one please inform this candidate that he doesn’t understand how Government works? There are a group of elected officials called the congress who decide on financing the government not the economy. They call this a budget, which comes out of a budget committee then voted on by a majority of congress in both houses. Only if a majority in both houses passes this budget bill will you get the opportunity to decide by signing it into law or veto it and send it back for revisions. Capitalist don’t fear the president and his policies they fear the Congress and Senate for their lack of legislation. The problem any President has and will always have begun in the 1975 rules changes made by the senate. Any legislature to pass after a filibuster requires a three fifths vote of the senate or 60 votes out of 100 also know as a supermajority.

Our Government has stalled we have had a political split in our Congress and Senate which is contributing to the slowest economic recovery in history. Our Government is not Governing. There are 435 elected Members of the House of Representatives and 100 Senators.  These 535 individuals out of 310,000,000 citizens in this country control through legislation the economic solvency of our nation and its people. Briefly, in 2008 to 2010 we had some semblance of legislation passed because we had a majority in both houses of congress and a bipartisan atmosphere in the Senate which could get the 60 vote supermajority. In the elections of 2010 we lost all hope for the next two years of getting anything done. Since the 2010 election nothing of any substance has been passed to assist in getting our debt under control and our economy of the right track.

There continues to be growing split of the far rights insistence on continuing to become the party of past bad policies and representing the few instead of the majority. Although their base continues to support them, against their own best interests, the proposed irrational Republican policies (Ryan Budget) to cut programs which support the middle class and stimulate the economy, will most likely affect the Republican base who are among the middle class and unemployed and who have been hurt by the Bush Tax cuts for the wealthy. Extended as a compromise in 2010 was a bi-partisan agreement by President Obama to extend the Bush Tax cuts, and an extension of unemployment for one year, to avoid hurting the middle class with tax increases. Republicans were willing to allow this if the wealthy didn’t get their Tax cuts as well. Continuing on a path of partisan politics the Republican Party refused to pass any legislation that would create jobs for middle class Americans. The 435 members of the Republican controlled congress have done absolutely nothing for the American people over the last two years. Their only objective is to instill fear, create hardships and make everyone feel miserable without any hope for the future and hopefully defeat president Obama in 2012 or as Mitch McConnell ® said it “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president” when speaking after the 2008 elections.

The decider in 2012 will be the American people. Electing a Congress and a Senate that will work with the President is the most important decision you will ever make. The president of the United States is only good as his Congress and Senate.


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  1. Well put! Those “downticket” races are very important and too often ignored.

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