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The opinions and writing found on this Blog represents an accumulation of viewpoints resulting from life’s experiences, subject knowledge, or a philosophical opinion expressed by a common baby boomer. I believe that I’ve been relatively successful in my life, in spite of the obstacles placed in front of me. Born of Italian parents, my father the first to graduate high school, and my mother who quit high school in her junior year to help support her family, and myself the only son in a family of five children. I am the product of the Public School System of New York City.  I served in the United States Army from 1969 to 1970. Fortunately, I did not go to Vietnam, another military industrial complex event. I was sent to Germany to serve my country. My wife joined me in Schweinfurt Germany where my son was born. After serving my country I began a 19 year career on Wall Street. I received my BBA from Bernard Baruch College School of Business with a double major in Accounting and Management, and rose from a foreign exchange accountant to senior vice president of operations and accounting for a major Investment Banking Firm later purchased by General Electric Finance Division, only to be downsized during the First Bush Recession.  My thanks go to Jack Welch and General Electric for their new business management philosophy.  Their business model and trend became the standard practice of many organizations.  It was a continuation of a trend in business were individuals would no longer be valued for what they contributed to the foundation of an organization, but mostly for what they contributed to the bottom line of company and to the compensation and bonuses of top executives. It no longer was company objectives and goals it became individual objectives and goals. Recently in 2006 it is called the War on The Middle Class, back than it was called restructuring or downsizing, I call it the downsizing of American payroll. I moved my family to the west coast of Florida into a home I had built in 1986, a winter home for my parents who had retired at that time. Unknown to me this home would be our permanent residence because of my downsizing. It took me 10 months to gain employment with Salomon Brothers in Tampa.  This back office operation structured with the team environment concept was to revolutionize how employees interacted with each other while attempting to accomplish a common goal for the employer specifically in the Financial Services Industry.  Each team consisted of a number of team members and a coach.  This structure was to take away the competitive environments that existed on Wall Street.  Unfortunately this experiment was a complete failure.  After one-year and seven months with Salomon Brothers I decided at 45 years old to work for my Church. I had had enough of Wall Street.  I was employed by my Church for over 15 years only to face another reorganization in 2009. My wife and I baby-sit my grandson and granddaughter two days a week. This has been the greatest joy in our lives since the birth of our own children.  The following opinions are that of a baby boomer anxious for retirement yet apprehensive about the accomplishment of that objective.  Some of my opinions have been published in my local papers the St. PetersburgTimes, Hernando Times Section considered a liberal paper, or the Tampa Tribune, Hernando Today Section considered a conservativepaper, my opinions and commentary’s are written in response to current events that I perceive need clarification or an opposing view point. The subject matter I respond to has no boundaries, and is provided by information sources such as our local media, whether it is cable television or newsprint or local network television.



2 Comments to “About the Author”

  1. Vito,
    At a time when events have drained my reserve of faith in our local body politic, it is the knowledge that thoughtful, persons like yourself hold strongly to a desire to improve the comon good that renews that reserve and fuels my own willingness to fight for that common good.
    Thank you.

  2. Steve,
    I greatly appreciate your comments, thank you for your kind words.

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