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February 6, 2011

Radical Republicanism

It is impossible not to hear and read political rhetoric every time we turn on a news channel or read a newspaper. We are continually exposed to constant reference to different types of ideologies and philosophies through the use of terms such as Liberal, Progressive, Left, Far Left, Conservative, Right, and Far Right and so on.These terms of fear are used as stigmas so that once associated with an individual or organization we no longer need to read what they are representing or who they represent we just need to fear them. All these terms are communicated to all of us easily in an age of high tech media and is a simple method of classification which than defines the dividing lines of individuals and organizations.


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January 18, 2011

Ronald Reagan for President in 2012?

I am always interested in what the other side is doing; recently the rhetoric includes quotes, references and commentary on Ronald Reagan. So I wanted to see locally what the Republican Party was up to, I visited the Hernando County Republican Executive Committee website and viewed a YouTube video celebrating Ronald Reagan’s 100 birthday by presenting Ronald Reagan’s state of the union message in the 1980’s.

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January 13, 2011

A Historical Presidency

America witnessed the exemplification of the Office of the Presidency on January 12, 2011 at the University of Arizona when President Barack Obama honored the fallen individual’s of Saturday’s assassination attempt of Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords. 

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December 7, 2010

Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican

By John Gray Cincinnati, Ohio 2004

Joe gets up at 6:00am to prepare his morning coffee. He fills his pot full
of good clean drinking water because some liberal fought for minimum water
quality standards. He takes his daily medication with his first swallow of
coffee. His medications are safe to take because some liberal fought to
insure their safety and work as advertised.

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December 6, 2010

The Great Con Job

If you’re wondering why there is pessimism and suffering in America you only need to look at what the Republican Administrations had perpetrated from 2000 to 2008. Most citizens have lost their faith in the systems provided to us
by our forefathers which guaranteed every American an opportunity to succeed.

Our Electoral Process was manipulated in the 2000 elections. Our presidency was decided by the Supreme Court. This was preceded by a purposeful deregulation of the financial services industry in 1999 with the Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act all of these sponsors were Republican and President Clinton could not veto the bill because the Republicans had a two thirds margin to override his veto.  In 2001 the World Trade Center attack shook America at its foundation which went unrecognized by the Republican Administration at the time to change our priorities as a nation. The propaganda machine of government utilizing our legislators who were controlled by corporate influence provided the media with constant erroneous information to accomplish one objective. Create a diversion in the day to day lives of all Americans in order to transfer the wealth of a nation to the top two percent wealth holders in the United States. While all Americans specifically Joe Middle Class were focused on the nine eleven tragedy and two wars fabricated by the Bush Administration Wall Street and Corporate America were reaping the rewards of the great con.

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Beginning in 1995 until 2007 republicans held a majority in both houses of congress except for the Senate in 107th congress
2001-2003 when it was split 50/50.  Reference:

Make no mistake when history is written the George W. Bush Dick Cheney Presidency will go down in history as the worst or at least one of the worst presidencies in the history of the United States.

It is now two years later into the Obama Administration with Republicans attributing our economic disaster to President Obama and the democratic controlled congress. If you listen intelligently to Mitch McConnell and John Boehner you wonder how they were elected and whom do they represent. All of their rhetoric borders on lies and nonsense. Their logic defies
rationality.  An example of this creative logic is the tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of Americans in the United States.
Their argument is that a continued deficit creating tax cuts to the top 2% will create jobs in a recessionary economy. These tax cuts which originally contributed to the deficits and the recession will stimulate jobs growth. The Bush era tax
cuts created 1 million jobs until the election of Obama six months into Obama’s term June 2009 all of those jobs were lost. In affect the Bush era tax cuts lost jobs.

January 21, 2010

Supreme Court Decision on Corporate Political Ads

Today the Supreme Court has driven the final nail in the coffin of Democracy by allowing Corporations to pay for, out of their own treasuries, commercials and public ads promoting or supporting candidates whose policies and ideologies are that of theirs. The American public has once again been pushed aside and told that their votes will no longer determine who should represent them. The only defense against this is to boycott those Corporations. The 5 to 4 vote was based on party ideologies and not our democratic principals first determined in 1776. George Washington warned us of this and now with this confirmation as to who is in control of our legislative and judicial branches we are faced with the need for true change. If Americans continue to be complacent and not realize that our Democracy is in jeopardy by corporate control of our lives, think again. Wake up America, No honest Abe will ever be able to be elected to public office again with this ruling. Worthy candidates willing to serve the people whether it is local or national offices will be unable to compete because of the money being pump in by corporations. God help us all.

May 3, 2009

History and Progress in Taxes

“Unquestionably, there is progress. The average American now pays twice as much in taxes as he formerly got in wages”.

 Henry Louis Mencken (1880-1956) American journalist, satirist and social critic.

These words sum up the reality about taxes in the United States and generally around the world when referring to who bears the tax burden.

The history of taxation dates back to Egypt, Greece, and the Roman Empire. In Greece they taxed cooking oil, scribes (tax collectors) would audit households on the amount of cooking oil used. The Greeks taxed their population only during times of emergency like war. Once the conflict was over the tax was ended and if gains were made by the war refunds were made to the population. The Greeks also taxed those who did not have an Athenian mother or father 1 drachma for men and ½ a drachma for women. In Rome the earliest taxes were on commerce. Taxes were imposed on imports and exports called portoria. Caesar Augustus was considered the most brilliant tax strategist of the Roman Empire. During his reign the burden of tax collection was given to the cities instead of the central government. He taxed inheritances 5% except for gifts to children and spouses. The English and the Dutch used this model for their tax system. Julius Caesar had a 1% sales tax and Caesar Augustus had a 4% sales tax for slaves and 1% for everything else.

Great Britain- When Rome fell; Saxon Kings imposed taxes on land and property including substantial customs duties. During the 100 year (1337 to 1453) war between England and France there was a rebellion of the nobles of Aquitaine over the oppressive tax policies of Edward also know as the Black Prince. Taxes during the 14th century were progressive in 1377 the Poll tax imposed by the Duke of Lancaster was 520 times the tax on a peasant. The early tax structure was on the wealthy, office holders, and the clergy. The poor paid little or no taxes. It was Charles the First in his Kings Writ stated that taxes should be paid according to status and means, hence the progressive tax system. He was rewarded with this idea by being charged with treason and beheaded around 1629. In 1643 taxes were imposed on commodities to pay for Oliver Cromwell’s army. Parliament imposed taxes on meat and grains. Through an excise tax, taxes shifted the burden of taxes from the rich to the poor a very regressive tax. In 1647 there was the Smithfield riots, the riots were a result of the elimination of peasant hunting and the inability of peasants to feed their families because of the excise taxes on meat and grains.

Colonial Americans were paying taxes under many English Acts. Taxes were imposed on sugar, wine, and other commodities plus taxes on newspapers and commercial and legal documents.

Post Revolution America was noted for experimenting in taxation as well. In 1794 settlers west of the Alleghenies started the Whisky Rebellion against Alexander Hamilton’s excise tax. President Washington sent troops to quell the riots. In 1798 Congress enacted the Federal Property Tax to pay for the expansion of the Army and Navy. Does this sound familiar during Greece and Roman eras. In that same year John Fries started the Fries Rebellion in opposition to this tax who was also a militia organizer in the Whisky Rebellion. During both these rebellions individuals were charged with treason and than pardoned by our presidents at the time.

The first progressive income tax was suggested in the war of 1812 but never imposed because of the treaty of Ghent. The tax was fashioned after the British Tax Act of 1798. The tax act of 1861 proposed that “there shall be levied, collected and paid, upon annual income of every person residing in the U.S. whether derived from any kind of property or from any professional trade, employment, or vocation carried on in the United states or elsewhere, or from any source whatever. The 1861 Tax Act was passed but never put in force. Rates were 3% on income above $800.00 and 5% on income of individuals living outside the U.S. The Tax Act of 1862 was passed and signed by President Lincoln July 1, 1862. The rates were 3% on income above $600.00 and 5% on Income above $10,000.00. The rent or rental value of your home could be deducted from income in determining tax liability. The purpose was to finance the Civil War. Yet this was the beginning of the Tax Code now over 5000 pages.


Although the Tax Act was accepted only 276,661 people actually filed tax returns in a population of 38 million. After the Civil War taxpayer approval waned and the Tax Act of 1864 was modified to change to a flat 5% with the exemption of $1000.00. The tax was repealed in 1872 and Tariffs took its place to finance the U.S. government. Until 1913, when the 16th Amendment was passed which allowed the Congress to tax the citizens it was not allowed under the constitution.

In the 1930’s federal individual taxes were never more than 1.4% of GDP Corporate taxes were never more than 1.6% of GDP. In 1990 those same taxes were 8.77% and 1.99% respectively. What’s wrong with this picture? In 2006 individual taxes were 7.3% of GDP and Corporate taxes were 1.2% of GDP this was a 16.3 % decline and a 25% decline respectively from 1990.


Social Security myths:

 “In other words, a democratic government is the only one in which those who vote for a tax can escape the obligation to pay it”.

 Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1889) French social philosopher.

Participation would be voluntary.

Covered employment was mandatory. If you worked for local government you had the option.

Participants would only pay 1% of the 1st $1,400.00

In the1935 law the rate was 1% of the first $3,000 for the employer and the employee, and would increase by 1949 in steps to 3% on the first $3000.00.

Participants could deduct their contribution from income.

          This is completely false. In fact the law forbids deductibility.


Participant contributions would be put in a Trust Fund and not used for General Operating purposes and only to fund Social Security Retirement Program.

This is basically correct. The question arises on the presentation in the overall budget. In the Johnson Administration the Trust Fund was part of a unified budget. That ended in 1990. They are shown as a separate line in the overall budget. The bottom line is that all monies collected are in the same pool of money used to finance the government operation of the United States. 

The Annuity payments would never be taxed as income to retirees.

This was never a provision of the original law. In 1983 Congress changed that and authorized taxing of Social Security. 

Ben Franklin’s said “but in the world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.” 

No one can argue with this. But, what we can do is argue about how they are spent and who should bear the burden. The original intent of taxation through out world history was to finance armies for war or military needs. As populations grew primarily in the 20th Century economic systems were unable to provide a means of income for all; Governments were forced to supplement not provide 100% of subsistence for those who were unable to sustain a modest lifestyle of necessities for themselves and their families. These ideals which are faith based dominate the Democratic Party ideals more so than our Republican opposition. A review of history in American Administrations will validate this statement. There is nothing wrong with a progressive tax system, providing a fair distribution of tax burden is applied. The current tax code has become regressive. The last two Republican administrations have manipulated the code to favor the wealthy and corporate interest. Statistics prove the shifting of the burden which has continued to move families from the middle class to poverty levels. Expendable income has declined because of declining incomes and increased costs for necessities such as education, healthcare insurance premiums, food, and housing insurance costs. 

Prepared By:

Vito J. Delgorio Sr.

January 20, 2009

Bush’s Goodbye

I wanted to be critical of George W. Bush in this writing and say good ridden but my compassionate side dictated a different approach.  W has without malice transformed a once great and respected nation into a wounded and malformed extension of himself and the people he surrounded himself with. Without knowing he has exemplified what greatness isn’t. Through no fault of his own his party convinced him that he would be what this country needed knowing all along that he was unqualified to be a leader of the greatest country in the world. W knows that he failed us all through no fault of his own. Because of this rein of misguided ambitions the Republican Party and Democratic Party must be scrutinized and kept in check so that the future of this country will never be put in the hands of a system of self serving corrupt people again. Politics are the same at both the national level and the local level. Unless we change the way we elect leaders to public office we will never have a government for the people.   

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January 3, 2009

Israel After 60 years

Does anyone realize that after 60 years of conflict there should be an end to this. I gather we must fulfill prophecy because it seems that until the end days come it will continue for infinity. I was born in 1948 part of the generation who will witness the second coming, below is a link to the events of the creation of the State of Israel in that year. I once wrote a paper in a creative writing course in college 1974 which I received a A+, I wish I had saved it, it was entitled 26 Years in Labor Israels Birth.  I described the partitioning of the lands in question, and the plight of both sides in this mess. Innocent children being slaughtered because of an inability for grown people to come to an agreement or is it biblical with no solution.

Biblical background

Historical Background

Her are some answers to pertinent questions:

At its inception in 1948, how did Israel become a nation?

In 1947, the United Kingdom informed the UN of its desire to terminate its position as Mandatory Power and leave Palestine by August 1948. The UN passed a resolution to partition Palestine into a Jewish State and an Arab State. This non-binding resolution was accepted by the Jewish population and rejected by the Arab population. The UK abandoned the Mandate in May 1948, Israel became a state by declaring independence and war broke out immediately.

Was there injustice in this event?

The injustice is that the UN allowed the UK to abandon the Mandate without assigning another mandatory power. Resolution 181 was non-binding and required the acceptance of all parties to go forward. This clearly wasn’t the case. Another injustice occurred when the UN, once Israel declared statehood, did not establish the Arab areas as remaining under Mandatory control of the Trusteeship Council.

Who is responsible for the injustice?

The responsible party for the injustice is the United Nations.
The bottom line is that no matter what attempts are made to resolve this problem in the middle east, we will all be on the short end of the solution.

December 20, 2008

The Bush Legacy


 I am amazed at the republican rights’ trying to build a positive image of the Bush Legacy after eight years of failure. Lets’ add up the republican conservative non intervention of government, deregulation, and any other right wing terminology which would define the Republican Administration destruction of the American way of life and dream.


Recently a slew of executive orders favoring multinational corporation to add to the destruction of the ozone layer, and continuing of our dependence on fossil fuels. More than 750 billion to Wall Street and National Banks, over 125 billion to AIG American International Group, with no conditions I may add, and 14 billion with conditions to take power away from unions and to seize limited  control of the three auto makers in this country so that foreign auto makers producing in America have a better advantage.


I know he was elected the president of this country but by his acts he represents the ultimate special interests, which leads me to the main point. Puppet W reminds me of Howdy Doody.  If you remember Buffalo Bob always pulled the strings. Does anyone think that W is capable of making a decision worth any value. He was a man over his head with very little ability to make rational choices. He was incapable to distinguishing between justice for all and just this for the few. He fertilized the greed mentality over the last eight years which has placed us in the crisis we are in today. His organization rivals any organized crime organization since the 20’s. He and his cronies have looted America.

He has violated his oath of office and should be punished for it. There is no excuse for what he has done.   



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