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December 21, 2009

Special Interest Health Care Reform

The American public has just witnessed the power of special interests influence on a legislative process originally designed by our constitution to represent the people of the United States who now have very little representation if any. Although 60 votes were obtained 58 Democrats 2 Independents and surprise no Republicans, by Harry Reid he did not get them without compromise, or should I say without a payoff. It is plain and simple he had to buy votes in the name of compromise just to get a bill good or bad.

Health Care reform was initiated to reform the system for two reasons, first to provide health care for all Americans and second to provide that health care at a reasonable cost.

The senate bill does neither and has solidified the insurance industries strangle hold on the American consumer for years to come. The entire bill designed by the health care industry guarantees the industry 30 million more premium payers to fill their coffers and increase profits, those with pre existing conditions will be required to pay higher premiums and the elderly will also pay higher premiums. Even if a family of four fall under 400% of the poverty level ($88,000.00 per year) their $20,000 a year premium will be subsidized by our tax dollars. 

The bottom line, our representatives have just given the insurance industry everything but the kitchen sink.  My recommendation is to buy Health Insurance Stocks who just hit a 50 year high and pray you don’t get sick.

Finally, as long as profit motives exsist in Health Care the cost of Health Care will never decline, and coverage for all will never be realized, therefore a SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM is required.  

November 24, 2009

Health Care A Simple Solution

Health Care can be reformed by offering not a public option, but a single payer option. To me its very simple, all those uninsured, or those who are tired of paying high premiums, or those small businesses who can’t afford premiums demanded by the Insurance Manopoly, should be afforded the option of purchasing a pre-medicare policy through Medicare for those between the ages of 21 and 64. Their premium will be much less than the current market and they will be exempt from medicare payroll deductions. This will help put medicare in the black. For those who choose to stay with their current insurance plans must continue to pay into the medicare trust through payroll reductions. I guarantee this will bring private insurance premiums down.

Those individuals and families who can’t afford full premiums will be accepted based upon income levels related to the poverty level. Most of the political oposition will of course call this socialism, I like to call it humanitarianism. Caring for those less fortunate is not socialism.

October 6, 2009

Washington D.C. The Bottom Line

After 233 years the people who govern our nation have become flim flam magicians. Not one of these elected officials has the desire or will to present a logical and just case for Health Care Reform much less a public option. They have taken a simple issue and have completely confused and misdirected the initial objectives for reform. I say a simple issue because we have a successful Health Care Plan that works, it’s called Medicare.

The Public Option is being portrayed to the public as a difficult goal when considering who gets affected by the change and how our national budget and costs to special interests will be burdensome. The American Public should be outraged by the complete disrespect for the majority’s wishes. Our Legislators have proven who their loyalties are to, certainly not the American people who put them in office. They have exemplified their desire to satisfy the industries and special interests who have supported their campaigns rather than their constituent’s who elected them to office, or did we?

They say that change is not easy. I have never believed this. Change is made difficult when the primary objective interferes with individual or group self interests. The controlling factor in this debate is monetary influence of our elected officials to satisfy the profit motives of those affected by change specifically those affected by a Public Option or Single Payer System.

 The questions on my mind and should be on your mind is this, Why is it when our elected representatives have to vote on humanitarian issues such as Health Care reform they begin to dissect hundreds of pages of document’s. Yet, decide on giving trillions to banks and insurance companies based on a one or two page document. Why did we enter a war in Iraq with false information? Why are we spending trillions to create a democracy that will never be established in Iraq? Why do we imply that our goals are to lift up the Iraq people to a higher level of existence, when we are rejecting almost 47 million Americans without Health Care, and have over 3.5 million homeless in this country who don’t know where their next meal will come from?

The answer is the Bottom Line, “Corporate Profits”.

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