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January 11, 2009

Human Nature

The best definition of Human Nature I’ve seen is from Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, “n the nature of man: as a: the complex of behavioral patterns, attitudes, and ideas which man acquires socially b: the complex of fundamental dispositions and traits of man.”


I personally have used the term all the time to describe a negative action or an expression by others which seemed unusual to me and those who had witnessed or those who had been on the receiving end of such an act or expression. The only time I have heard anyone else use the term was when describing a negative event perpetrated by an individual. This realization has brought me to this writing. I believe the definition needs to be rewritten to include acts of kindness or positive interaction. When describing negative acts or negative interaction the word inhuman must be used. 


The events in today’s world are so complex that human nature has no positive definition. If we are to define it today based on the events now taking place locally and around the world we would certainly express the negative. Was it human nature that launched missiles’ from Gaza to Israel or Israel to Gaza? Was it human nature that embezzled 50 billion dollars from unsuspecting investors? Was it human nature that caused the collapse of the financial systems in the United States and the World? Was it human nature that approved mortgages to unqualified individuals? Group motives and objectives had everything to do with the above behaviors of the few and not the majority. No individual can cause the results we are experiencing today. No one person can be blamed but that persons can be singled out as a contributor to the group’s action.


If we as individuals allow ourselves to be part of a group who’s objectives and motives are less than admirable than we are guilty of violating the positive concepts of human nature separately and as a group. The term human nature used in the context of a description of negative acts or interactions tells the reader that the act is excusable or forgiven when it really isn’t. The term inhuman must be used to describe those acts and interactions which are less than admirable.

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