The Common Good


It is said that everyone has an opinion about something. Yet, an opinion is a person’s belief concerning a specific subject. There are those who are fearful of expressing themselves because of either exposing their political affiliations or exposing their level of intelligence. The relevance and  importance of ones opinions should never be surpressed. If you are a voice in the silent majority let yourself be heard. Politicians national or local are aware that the silent majority exists but in my opinion choose at times not to see us or hear us.   This applies not only to local politicians but also to our state and federal politicians.  It is rare when we can honestly say that we are represented by those we elected to office. Sure, some of you may disagree with this, but just like the and automobile has maintenance performed periodically, so does their constituency get maintained during each election cycle.

I have written letters comparing the definition of a politician to the definition of a leader.  The word politician is not synonymous with the word leader.  As a matter of fact the meaning of both words are complete opposites. The questions I put forth is, why do we the silent majority elect politicians to office? And secondly, why we refuse to elect leaders to office? The answer is we have been conditioned to accept a two-party system that dominates all forms of media.  We are influenced with daily propaganda that leads us to believe that a two-party system is all that we need and is necessary; we also, know that this system is not working for our benefit. What the media should expose is the existence of a third party which truly controls what goes on in our government today. This third-party known as Corporations and Special Interests. This party continues to commit crimes against the principles established in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These two documents established the rules by which our elected officials should govern. Our elected officials have completely disregarded and circumvented the principles of these two documents, they have substituted their personal goals, for personal gains and gains of special interests they represent. We must choose the lesser of two evil political parties each election.

Whomever has the commitment, foresight and the guts to take on this established philosophy will be known as the person or organization who reestablished the course in which the common good became the priority in governing once again. This person, group or organization will be historically remembered as the second coming of our forefathers who brought respect and admiration to United States.

Franklin D. Roosevelt said “WE HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR BUT FEAR ITSELF”. Let us not fear difference but welcome change.


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